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0.5 OD Metallic ND Filter Visible Grade 12.5mmdia x 2mmthk

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Optical Density 0.5
Diameter (mm) 12.5
Thickness (mm) 2
Type Metallic ND Filter
Material/Equivalent Borosilicate
Transmission (%) 32

Metallic Neutral Density filters comprise a thin metallic layer on a borosilicate glass or UV grade fused silica polished window.  Metallic ND filters attenuate the light by reflection and thus avoid the possible heating issues with glass and gelatine neutral density filter types.  However care must be taken to ensure the reflected light does not cause problems.  

Our stock range of visible/IR range of Metallic Neutral Density Filters are coated on low-expansion borosilicate glass substrates and cover the range from 350-2500nm. Our UV range of Metallic Neutral Density Filters are coated on UV grade fused silica and therefore cover the useful UV region down to 170nm.

We stock uncoated borosilicate or equivalent and UV fused silica substrates so custom Metallic filters can be supplied to your specific request. Please contact our technical sales team with your requirements.

Blocking Range:
OD Tolerance

Clear Aperture:

Surface Quality:

Borosilicate (LEGB) or equivalentUV fused silica
±5% average over blocking range
+0/-0.2 mm
± 0.2 mm
± 0.1 mm
<1 arc min

Mounting of diameters and squares.
Antireflective coatings can be applied to one or both faces for improved transmission.
Cutting down or edged to special shapes and sizes at short notice.
Larger sizes are available.
Custom OD values to your specific requirement.
Available in sets, supplied in a wooden storage box for research and laboratory use.