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0.4 OD Gelatin ND Filter 50x50x0.1mmthk

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SKU: FNP0450
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Length (mm) 50
Width (mm) 50
Thickness (mm) 0.1
Type ND No. 96 Filter
Density @ 546nm 0.4
Material/Equivalent Wratten 2
Transmission (%) @ 546nm 40

Neutral density filters attenuate light by a constant amount that is, to first order, independent of the wavelength. Gelatin ND filters are the cheapest but tend to have more fluctuation with wavelength and a narrower wavelength range than glass ND filters and metallic types.  Gelatin neutral density filters work by absorption so care must be taken to avoid overheating which can lead to damage to the filter.  Gelatin ND filters can also be cut easily to bespoke custom sizes in your own laboratory which can be extremely useful.

Wratten neutral density gelatin filters are now being replaced by Wratten 2 type filters which are manufactured using a ridged polymer.  Wratten 2 filters are more robust and unaffected by water and moisture as gelatin type.

Clear Aperture:


± 5%

Large 300x100mm sheets available that can be cut to smaller shapes and sizes.
Stock sheets can be cut with a razor or CNC machined to unusual shapes.
Coating options from antireflective to anti-scratch.
Mounting options.