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Optical Finishing & Processing

Operating nearly 30 years, Knight Optical have gained the skills and expertise to offer a wide range of optical finishing and processing methods. With our state-of-the-art metrology facility, we can ensure that your specifications are fulfiled.
Have a requirement for a process to be carried out on a material? Does your window need further polishing? We have a wide range of manufacturing capabilities including toughening, polishing, drilling, precision lapping, diamond turning, to name a few.

All optical components are finished to a high standard with our manufacturing capabilities encompassing a wide range of materials including glass, plastic and crystalline substrates.

Contact us for a quotation and for what Knight Optical can offer you.

Once manufacturing and processing has been completed our metrology and QA department inspect the optical components to ensure they meet the required specification.

For more information on any of our optics services, to discuss your requirements or place a direct order with one of our technical sales team, please contact Knight Optical by email or alternatively call direct on +44 1622 859 444 (UK, EUR or ROW) +1 401 583 7846 (USA & Canada).