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Quartz/ UV fused silica/ IR quartz windows

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We stock a range of Quartz, UV fused silica and IR fused quartz windows for applications in the UV though to the near infrared regions.

Quartz windows: Quartz material is stronger than glass, can be used at temperatures up to 1050°C and has a high average transmission of over 80% from 260nm to 2500nm. Our stock ranges of quartz windows are useful for most UV applications other than fluorescence applications as quartz material fluoresces. Our stock quartz windows are also not useful in wavelength applications less than 250nm where transmission drops to just 72%. For deep UV at 175-185nm UV fused silica is a more suitable choice of material.

UV grade fused silica windows: Our stock range of UV fused silica windows are made from Corning 7980 grade 2G, which is the equivalent of Spectrosil 2000 also referred to as Spectrosil B. UV grade fused silica windows have excellent UV transmission working efficiently at 175nm. Making them ideal for spectroscopic instruments in the UV. Our stock ranges of UV fused silica windows also have excellent chemical stability, can be used up to 1050°C and are virtually free from fluorescence. Our stock UV fused silica windows are also available UV antireflective coated for 248-400nm increasing throughput performance.

IR fused quartz windows: Our stock range of Infrared fused quartz windows are made from Saint Gobain Quartz HS grade. HS grade IR fused quartz is manufactured by the fusion of naturally occurring crystal quartz in an electric vacuum furnace. This process results in a very low water content (OH) of less than 5 parts per million. These IR fused quartz windows have excellent transmission from 260nm thought to 3500nm and low bubble, striae and inclusion content. HS grade fused quartz is available as ingots, core drilled rods for use to manufacture your custom IR fused quartz windows for your specific application.

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