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A dome is an optical window composed of two parallel curved surfaces. Domes are commonly used in defence applications and often in extreme environments such as submersible ROVs.

For this reason our domes offer both high transmission as well as durability. Other applications for our domes include visible-range domes for pyranometers and infrared-range domes for pyrgeometers, and as high pressure viewports in underwater cameras and submersibles.

BK7 domes: BK7 domes are available directly from stock, and are used primarily in meteorology applications. BK7 offers excellent transmission from 300nm up to 2µm. BK7 is a relatively hard material, with excellent chemical durability. Our custom BK7 domes are practically free from bubbles and inclusions, making them perfect for high performance visible applications.

Acrylic domes: Our acrylic domes are commonly used in skylights and meteorology systems. Compared to optical glass, acrylic domes offer lower light scattering, while still maintaining the durability of BK7. Traditionally our custom acrylic domes are made of PMMA, commonly known for its high transparency and scratch resistance compared to other plastics. These domes are not currently available from stock but may be ordered by contacting our technical sales team with your requirements.

UV fused silica domes: For applications operating in the deeper UV range, Knight Optical offers a range of UV fused silica domes. Fused silica domes are commonly used in underwater applications at extremely high pressures. Our Corning 7890 2G and Spectrosil 2000 fused silica both offer over 85% transmission at wavelengths as low as 185nm. These domes are not currently available from stock but may be ordered by contacting our technical sales team with your requirements.

Sapphire domes: For infrared applications we can provide sapphire domes. Sapphire is an extremely hard material with transmission of over 80% in the 2-5µm wavelength range. As with fused silica, sapphire is able to withstand extreme pressures, making it the perfect material for underwater camera and infrared-guided missile applications. These domes are not currently available from stock but may be ordered by contacting our technical sales team with your requirements.

Knight Optical supply high quality domes made to your exact specification. Our highly skilled metrology and QA technicians are able to individually inspect and test each component to ensure it meets our exemplary quality standard.

Contact our multilingual technical sales team and discover how Knight Optical’s high quality domes can improve your product and supply chain experience.

Diameter tolerance (mm) +/-0.1
Thickness (mm) +/-0.1 (+/-0.2mm for 100mm diameter)
Height (mm) +/-0.2
Surface finish 60:40
Chamfers 0.2 x 45° typical
Centricity (mm) < 0.1


  • Custom domes available from 5mm to over 200mm diameter
  • Parts may be AR coated for improved transmission. Information on alternative coatings available on request
  • Although typically manufactured from BK7, UV Fused Silica or Sapphire, other materials are available on request
  • Domes may be manufactured with or without flanges for ease of installation
  • Certain materials may be toughened to improve durability in harsh conditions as an alternative to sapphire

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Part No. Outer Diameter
Material Price
WDB0050 50252BK7 or equivalent £230.00
WDB0075 7537.53BK7 or equivalent £305.00
WDB0100 100504BK7 or equivalent £395.00
WDB0025 2512.52BK7 or equivalent £180.00
WDB0060 60305BK7 or equivalent £260.00
WDB0030 30152BK7 or equivalent £190.00

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