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Tapered light pipe homogenizing rods (N-BK7 or equivalent)

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Knight Optical supply a complete range of light pipe tapered homogenising rods made from BK7 or equivalent and UV grade fused silica to meet your specific wavelength requirements.

Tapered light pipe homogenizing rods utilise total internal reflection, achieving uniform homogenised illumination output of non-uniform light sources. The numerical aperture of the output light is reduced in comparison to its magnification therefore achieving a reduction in numerical aperture output of light. Tapered light pipe homogenising rods are available in several magnifications. The Numerical Aperture (NA) of the light output is reduced proportionally to the magnification, allowing significant reduction in NA of the output light.

Light pipe homogenising rod holders are available on request. Rod holders are ideal for simplifying the integration of your homogenising light rods into any application.

Knight Optical have years of experience in manufacturing both square tapered homogenising light pipe rods and hexagonal type light pipe rods in a variety of material such as BK7 or equivalent and UV grade fused silica. We understand the importance of accurate angles which are all measured with our Trioptics Prism Master accurate to within 3 arc seconds. Edge chips are none existent and all measure in our metrology lab by trained QA staff using Zoom Microscopes. Scratch/ dig tolerances are all measured using our Bryson comparison masters. Maximum output can also be achieved by applying antireflective coatings to input and output ends and a variety of wavelengths whether it is a UV application, visible application or telecoms application.

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