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Concave mirrors (quality grade)

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Concave mirrors can be used to create images of light sources.  Concave mirrors can be tricky to use as the object and image will now exist in the same space. However concave mirrors have one incredible characteristic in that the image location and quality is completely independent of the wavelength and so does not create chromatic aberration unlike equivalent lens optics. This allows the design of very wide spectral range instruments and does allow a system that will work in the IR to be aligned using visible light.

Concave mirrors are typically used in reflecting telescope, electron microscopes and a range of scientific instrumentation applications where there is a requirement to image distant objects.  

Our range of quality concave mirrors are coated for use in the visible and near infra-red regions.  We can also strip the aluminium coating from our stock concave mirrors and coat with a desired coating, i.e. Protected Gold or UV aluminium.  This can be done at short notice to create your bespoke custom concave mirror.  This can be very helpful with development work.

Material: White float glass
Diameter: +0 / -0.2 mm
Focal length: ±2%
Surface quality: <40-20 scratch/dig

Protected aluminium/ Visible use (MV2)
Ali/SiO₂ R.avg.>88%@450-650nm,AOI=0°-45°

  • Cutting or edging to smaller diameters.
  • Resizing to square or rectangular apertures.
  • Stock mirrors can be stripped of standard coating and custom coatings applied for quick turnaround.
  • Mounting options.
  • Our range of concave lenses can be coated to achieve custom concave mirrors.

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Part No. Wavelength range (nm)CoatingFocal length
MCQ10025 450-650Ali/SiO2 (88% visible)10025200 £22.45
MCQ10040 450-650Ali/SiO2 (88% visible)10040200 £27.95
MCQ15025 450-650Ali/SiO2 (88% visible)15025300 £22.45
MCQ15040 450-650Ali/SiO2 (88% visible)15040300 £27.95
MCQ1625 450-650Ali/SiO2 (88% visible)162532 £22.45
MCQ17525 450-650Ali/SiO2 (88% visible)17525350 £22.45
MCQ17540 450-650Ali/SiO2 (88% visible)17540350 £27.95
MCQ2525 450-650Ali/SiO2 (88% visible)252550 £22.45
MCQ2540 450-650Ali/SiO2 (88% visible)254050 £27.95
MCQ4025 450-650Ali/SiO2 (88% visible)402580 £22.45
MCQ4040 450-650Ali/SiO2 (88% visible)404080 £27.95
MCQ5025 450-650Ali/SiO2 (88% visible)5025100 £22.45
MCQ5040 450-650Ali/SiO2 (88% visible)5040100 £27.95
MCQ6525 450-650Ali/SiO2 (88% visible)6525130 £22.45
MCQ6540 450-650Ali/SiO2 (88% visible)6540130 £27.95
MCQ7525 450-650Ali/SiO2 (88% visible)7525150 £22.45
MCQ7540 450-650Ali/SiO? (88% visible)7540150 £27.95
MCQ7539 450-650Ali/SiO? (88% visible)7539150 £27.95

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