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Knight Optical supplies a complete range of stock precision mirrors for use as reflectors across a wide waveband, UV to NIR (<0.2 to >10µm). The mirrors are available from custom manufacture for the following applications and solutions.

Laser Mirrors: These mirrors are available for use with various lasers ranging from ND:YAG, excimer , argon-ion, and laser diode mirrors. Thin film laser mirrors are usually used on-axis, 0° of angle of Incidence (AOI), for peak reflection from the mirror at the required wavelength. A small amount of film thickness allowance can be used to tune the mirrors to the correct wavelength. The AOI can be set at 45° to allow for the laser beam to be reflected at 90° to the original optical axis. The use of coatings that are specified for the AOI is very important as a 0° and 45° AOI coating cannot be changed. The 45° AOI results in the s and p polarization rays to spread the bandwidth of reflection as the thin film must be tailored to maximize the reflection of both the s and p rays with a good average bandwidth.

Parabolic Mirrors: The parabolic mirrors can be on-axis or off-axis. The reflectors are, for example, machined from aluminium with a suitable coating such as gold or protected aluminium. The surfaces can be made to have a low-scatter of the laser light, which is accomplished by low roughness and surface figure. The on-axis parabolic mirrors can be made to large sizes, for example, about 500mm in diameter. These mirrors are usually made using low expansion glass, such as Zerodur®, with, for example, a protected aluminium or gold coating. These mirrors are ideal for multi-spectral use, such as from the UV, visible, NIR, MWIR, LWIR, and, with the correct coating, to THz.

Rod & Cone mirror: These are small, BK7 or equivalent, mirrors that are cut and polished on one end of the glass rod. The rod mirror has one end cut and polished at 45° to reflect the on-axis beam by 90°. The small size make them useful in borescope applications, or other areas where, for example, a laser beam is required to have a bent path from the laser to the target. The cone mirror is formed by one end of a glass rod being ground at, for example, 45° to form a cone on the rod end. This cone is coated with, for example, a protected aluminium film. They are used, for example, for 360° illumination when a light source strikes the cone along the axis of the rod.

Parabolic & Ellipsoidal reflectors: These mirrors are made from moulded glass and fine polished to produce an accurate parabolic or ellipsoidal reflector. The surface is usually coated with a protected aluminium coating that allows for a broad band wavelength use, for example from UV to LWIR. They are ideal for projecting a highly divergent light source, such as a UV or IR source, as well as for solar and other condensing applications. The reflection coating can be made as a cold mirror, thus reflecting the visible and transmitting the NIR. The ellipsoidal mirror will reflect the light that is placed at the focus to the other focal point of the mirror, whilst the parabolic mirror 'collimates' the source when it is placed at the focal point.

Concave mirrors: We offer quality grade concave mirrors, also known as focussing mirrors. Concave mirrors work in precisely the way one would expect, focussing light to a point. We offer varying coatings, substrates and sizes of concave mirrors to meet your specific requirement.

Concave mirrors have one incredible characteristic in that the image location and quality is completely independent of the wavelength. This allows the design of very wide spectral range instruments and also of systems that will work in the IR to be aligned using visible light.

We are able to provide grade concave mirrors with increased performance and tight tolerances. Concave mirrors can be supplied with a full range of coatings from Aluminium/ Mgf² for ultraviolet use, Enhanced aluminium or 99% dielectric mirror coating for high performance visible NIR applications or alternatively Protected Gold and Protected Silver coatings for NIR-Far Infrared applications.

Lamp reflectors: Working under a similar principle to our quality grade concave mirrors, our custom concave lamp reflectors are designed to reflect light back on itself or just to one side of the source in order to increase the radiation emitted forwards and/or reduce radiation emitted backwards where it may not be needed.

Our concave lamp reflectors are supplied as required, in custom sizes and with custom coatings to meet your visible, infrared or UV application. They are intended for use as back reflectors for lamp houses.

Custom elliptical mirrors: Knight Optical’s range of elliptical mirrors range from a general purpose grade, to a 1λ over 25mm, and onto a precision grade.

A general purpose grade elliptical mirror may prove useful in a less demanding system or where the user may seek to use the mirror in a range of different applications. Elliptical mirrors may be used in Newtonian telescopes and are typically angled at 45 degrees, being used to reflect light at an angle of 90 degrees to the optical axis. The customisation process can take into account substrate (generally float glass), tolerances, flatness and surface quality, with higher specification dielectric coatings if needs be. The vast majority of our custom elliptical mirrors are available at very reasonable prices, made possible by bulk preparation of the material.

Custom plain mirrors: Plane mirrors also known as front surface mirrors or first surface mirrors are used in beam steering or reflecting applications. We stock four grades of plane front surface mirrors with a range of up to six coatings to meet applications in the UV, Visible, NIR and FIR applications. Our custom ranges of front surface mirrors are available as precision λ/10 front surface mirrors, precision λ/4 front surface mirrors, guaranteed 1λ over 25mm front surface mirrors and general purpose front surface mirrors:

We supply plain mirrors in a wide range of coatings to meet most applications:

  • Enhanced aluminium coated for 94% reflectivity for use in visible applications.
  • 99.9% dielectric coated mirrors for laser use in visible applications.
  • UV aluminium coated mirrors for use in UV applications down to 180nm.
  • 98.5% NIR dielectric coated mirrors for laser use in the near infra-red region.
  • Ion plated protected silver coated mirrors for use in NIR to 2000nm.
  • Protected gold coated mirrors for use from 750nm to far infra-red applications.

Stock general purpose grade mirrors can also be edges to smaller diameters and other shapes at short notice.  These mirrors are generally stocked in large sheets so larger sizes up to 1000mm square are available for projector applications.
Other custom mirrors: We can manufacture Toroidal mirrors which have two doughnut shaped curved surfaces perpendicular to each other one being horizontally polished and the other vertically polished. Toroidal mirrors are normally used where a beam needs to be focused or folded. The design of toroidal mirrors eliminates astigmatism normally caused by concave spherical mirrors.

Toroidal mirrors are used for correction of aberration in a range of scientific instrument applications such as spectroscopes monochromators and imaging devices. Ophthalmic machinery can be utilized for manufacturing of toroidal mirrors enabling cost effective solutions. As ophthalmic machines are used there are restrictions on maximum diameters of 75-80mm dia.

Custom back surface mirrors: Our high quality back surface mirrors can be manufactured to your specific requirements; they have an excellent surface flatness to give a reflection without any of the shape distortion affects associated with lower quality, cheaper mirrors. They also have high reflectance than the low quality mirrors lack and a durable back coating to ensure their long life. Knight Optical supply custom back surface mirrors for a wide range of possible applications, including commercial products, art pieces and interior design. We also supply high quality back surface mirrors for vanity mirrors. We can manufacture custom back surface mirrors up to 1500mm x 700mm in size and they can be cut to any shape you require. Back surface mirrors can be supplied with polished or ground edges to meet your custom requirement.

Knight Optical's stock and custom mirrors are used in a wide range of optical systems, from light bulb reflectors to high power laser systems. The mirrors can be used as the transmitter and collector of, for example, an instrument that simulates a missile launch so as to test the early warning receiver on-board an aircraft, for example, whilst if flight.

Knight Optical supply high quality mirrors made to our exacting specification.

Every component is individually tested by our highly skilled technicians in our state of art metrology lab to ensure all components meet our high quality standards.

Contact our multilingual technical sales team and discover how Knight Optical’s high quality mirrors and service can improve your instrumentation and supply chain experience.

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