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Plastic lenses (Singlets)

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Most of the single lens forms, planoconvex, planoconcave, meniscus and aspheric, are available in plastic. Plastic lenses are generally cheaper and lighter than glass equivalents but of lower quality.

Plastic lenses are not as robust as glass as they can scratch more easily and some will deteriorate when exposed to UV light.  If they are to be used outside the visible, in the UV or near IR regions, then their transmission must be checked.  Plastic lenses are typically used in low cost collimators, torches and lighting applications.

Knight Optical can supply competitive quotes on plastic lenses with low cost tooling for low quality though to high quality production runs by utilising single and multi-cavity tooling to suite your application, please enquire.  We also have the facility to offer low run CNC manufacturing for small quality designs.

Material: PMMA acrylic, Polystyrene
Diameter: +/-0.2mm
Focal Length: ± 5%


  • Edging of stock lenses to smaller diameters.
  • AR coatings on plastic lenses

Stock Optics

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Part No. Focal Length
Overall Diameter
Lens Aperture
Back Focal Length
FormMaterialCoatingQuantity Price
LPP1009 10.3010.008.809.10BiconvexPMMAUncoated1 £5.45
LPP3309 32.709.009.0030.60PlanoconvexPMMAUncoated1 £5.45
LPP0812 11.608.00BiconvexPMMAUncoated1 £5.45
LPP1817 16.9718.0016.0012.64BiconvexPMMAUncoated1 £5.45
LPP1530 33.5015.1014.1028.40BiconvexPMMAUncoated1 £5.45
LPP2542 42.3025.2025.1039.00BiconvexPMMAUncoated1 £5.45
LPP0508 8.155.303.057.50BiconvexPMMAUncoated1 £5.45
LPP1512 12.0015.0013.808.17BiconvexPMMAUncoated1 £5.95
LPP2235 34.8022.0021.9030.27PlanoconvexPMMAUncoated1 £5.95
LPP0604 4.875.605.004.11AsphericPMMAUncoated1 £5.95
LPP3270 70.5032.0031.9068.58BiconvexPMMAUncoated1 £5.45
LPP1827 27.0018.0016.0024.70BiconvexPMMAUncoated1 £5.45
LPP1620 20.0016.0014.0018.42BiconvexPMMAUncoated1 £5.45

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