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Ball lenses

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Ball lenses are complete spheres. Ball lenses are widely used for focusing and coupling light into and out of fibres. Sapphire ball lens are interesting in that the high refractive index of the material gives low spherical aberration and can be used from 200nm up to 5000nm+.  Our stock ball lens offered in quartz versions have good UV and IR transmission. UV grade fused silica has high transmission from 185nm up to 2000+nm.  BK7 ball lenses are perfect for visible applications from 350nm through the near infrared. 

In addition to our stock ball lenses, spherical ball micro lenses, we also offer a full range of custom ball lenses available in a variety of ceramic, UV and NIR materials, high index optical glasses such as BAF-8, Lasfn-9, Lasf35, S-Lah65, Lah78 which are ideal for use in fibre-coupling applications.  Other technical glasses such as B270 or equivalent and borosilicate or equivalent and Cubic Zirconia ball lenses are also available.  This complete range of materials is available in a full range of diameters and grades of quality.  We can also offer custom ball lenses in a range of diameters and materials. Please contact our technical sales team for more information. 


Material: BK7 or equivalentSapphireRuby Quartz
Diameter: ± 2.5µm
Ball Sphericity : 0.625 µm
Focal length: ± 0.2% (<10mm)
± 2.0% (10-1000mm)
± 5.0% (>1000mm)
Surface quality: <40-20 scratch/dig


  • Antireflective coating of stock lenses
  • Stock ball lenses can be edged down to produce a drum lens.
  • Mounting into cells.

Stock Optics

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Part No. Focal Length
Back Focal Length
MaterialCoatingType Price
LBB00701 0.73410.23BK7 or equivalentUncoatedBall Lens £10.45
LBB011015 or equivalentUncoatedBall Lens £10.45
LBB018025 1.832.50.58BK7 or equivalentUncoatedBall Lens £10.95
LBB0304 2.9340.93BK7 or equivalentUncoatedBall Lens £12.45
LBB0406 4.461.4BK7 or equivalentUncoatedBall Lens £15.45
LBB0710 7.34102.34BK7 or equivalentUncoatedBall Lens £42.35
LFB00400 2.8440.84QuartzUncoatedBall Lens £17.95
LFB02500 1.772.50.52QuartzUncoatedBall Lens £13.45
LSB003006 0.3450.60.05SapphireUncoatedBall Lens £6.95
LSB00601 0.5810.08SapphireUncoatedBall Lens £6.95
LSB014025 1.442.50.19SapphireUncoatedBall Lens £9.45
LSB02304 2.340.3SapphireUncoatedBall Lens £10.45
LSB03506 3.4560.45SapphireUncoatedBall Lens £12.95
LSB0610 5.76100.76SapphireUncoatedBall Lens £42.35
LSB0800 4.680.6SapphireUncoatedBall Lens £26.95
LSB09016 0.921.58750.12SapphireUncoatedBall Lens £6.95

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