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Fire-polished aspheric lenses

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These fire-polished aspheric lenses are glass lenses manufactured by a simple moulding process and polished by heating just enough to melt the surface and allow surface tension to smooth out defects. Usually these lenses have a very large diameter compared with the focal length. Fire polished aspheric lenses have large apertures so are ideal for light collecting applicatons such as condenser lenses in LED based projectors.  The second face of the plano-convex type is optically polished for improved quality.

Knight Optical stock a full range of both thermally toughened aspheric lenses and un-toughened fire polished aspheric lenses. For higher quality applications we also sell uncoated and AR coated precision aspherics available to purchase directly from this site.

In addition to our web stock, we have an extensive inventory of ex-stock fire-polished lenses available.  

Click on docs & drgs tab for a full range. Note we still have tooling available to produce these in bulk if required, eliminating extra tooling costs that would normally be incurred. Please contact our technical sales team for availability of one-off or bulk pricing.


Material: B270 or equivalent
  Borosilicate or equivalent
Diameter: ± 0.25
Centration: <30 arcmin
Surface quality: <80-50 scratch/dig
Focal length : Nominal



  • Mounting options.
  • Stock lenses can be edged to smaller diameters.
  • Antireflective coatings on fire-polished aspheric lenses are available to designed wavelength.

Ex-stock firepolished aspheric lenses

Listed below is our large range of ex-stock fire-polished aspheric lenses.  Please contact our technical sales team on +44 (0)1622 849 444 for pricing and stock availability.

Ex-stock firepolished aspheric lenses

Stock Optics

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Part No. Focal length
Back FL
FormMaterialToughened/Untoughened Price
LAF0607 5.96.842.8PlanoconvexB270Untoughened £13.15
LAF1215 £11.50
LAF1413 £11.50
LAF1516 £11.00
LAF1625 16.524.89.2PlanoconvexB270Untoughened £11.00
LAF1827 18.527.414.2PlanoconvexB270Untoughened £12.80
LAF2126 2126.317.410PlanoconvexB270Toughened £9.15
LAF2525 £12.80
LAF4040 £18.00
LAF5050 49.550.013.0PlanoconvexB270Untoughened £18.00
LAF4050 £18.00
LAF0807 or equivalentUntoughened £11.00
LAF6075 £37.75
LAF3245 £16.25
LAF2125 £15.25
LAF1014 £11.00
LAF0811 £11.00
LAF2516 16.025.414.0PlanoconvexB270Untoughened £11.85
LAF5132 32.050.825.0Spherical ConvexB270Untoughened £28.75
LAF1308 £11.50
LAF4532 £30.25
LAF3026 £15.00
LAF1815 £11.35
LAF2018 £11.35
LAF1008 £12.00
LAF1210 10.512.05.8PlanoconvexB270Untoughened £12.00
LAF2520 £12.35

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