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Hot mirrors 0° (UV Type)

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At 0° incidence UV hot mirrors transmit the UV and visible and reflect the near infra-red (heat) spectrum typically found in tungsten light sources. Hot mirrors therefore remove much of the energy that can cause heating in a lighting system.   These UV hot mirrors are manufactured using UV grade fused silica. UV grade fused silica has high transmission in the UV down to 175nm and is ideal for UV protection and illumination applications. These UV hot mirrors are also typically used in fluorescence applications where transmission of the UV excitation wavelength and the reflection of IR wavelengths (Heat) is harmful to temperature sensitive samples. These UV hot mirrors transmit around 80-85% of UV and visible light whilst reflecting 70%of NIR wavelengths.

Hot mirrors can be used as an alternative to KG1 filters where the light is focussed near to the filter giving a risk of cracking. Hot mirrors reflect the heat rather than absorb the heat as in KG1 heat filters.  Hot mirrors also have a sharper cut off between IR and visible because they have a dielectric coating that can be controlled.

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