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Dichroic shortpass filters

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Knight Optical’s complete range of cost effective shortpass dichroic filters offer superior transmission, reflection and absorption characteristics


Shortpass filters are designed to transmit wavelengths lower than the cut off point and reflect all higher wavelengths. Knight Optical's dichroic filters are comprised of a thin-film dielectric coating on glass, resulting in sharp transitions between the transmitted and reflected bands. With negligible absorption, this type of filter is ideal for high powers and lacks the strong fluorescence of certain glass filters.

Our dichroic shortpass filters are available in a range of wavelengths and are supplied in standard 12.5mm and 25mm diameter or 50mm square types. We are happy to cut and edge filters for non standard sizes to suit your application.

Material: Borosilicate or equivalent
Diameter: +0.0 / -0.20 mm
Length / width: ± 0.25 mm
Thickness: ± 0.20 mm
Surface quality: <60-40 scratch/dig
Wavelengths: 300-1200nm dependant on type
Wavelength accuracy: +/-5nm
Transmission: Tmax=95% dependant on type and substrate

Wavelength cut-on listed in table is transition cut-on wavelength (T=Tmax/2)
Wavelength cut-off listed in table is transition cut-off wavelength (T=Tmax/2)

  • Available size: Square 7mm-300mm, Diameter 10mm-400mm
  • Cutting down or edged to special shapes and sizes at short notice
  • Mounting of diameters and squares
  • Available in sets, supplied in a wooden storage box for research and laboratory use

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Part No. Wavelength cut-off (nm) AOI=0°Wavelength cut-on (nm) AOI=0°Wavelength cut-off (nm) AOI=45°Wavelength cut-on (nm) AOI=45°Diameter
MaterialBlock Band (nm)ColourPass Band (nm)Transmission Wavelength (nm)Type 2 Price
730FDS12 Download 730-652-12.51.1Borosilicate £15.75
470FDS50 Download 47082642677650.050.01.1Borosilicate £29.95
560FDS25 Download 56079650575425.01.1Borosilicate £18.65
581FDS12 Download 58183752479412.51.1Borosilicate £15.75
570FDS12 Download 57082251377512.51.1Borosilicate £15.75
500FDS25 Download 50071045367025.01.1Borosilicate £18.65
490FDS50 Download 49093244487450.050.01.1Borosilicate £29.95
500FDS50 Download 50071045367050.050.01.1Borosilicate £29.95
510FDS12 Download 51073746269512.51.1Borosilicate £15.75
510FDS25 Download 51073746269525.01.1Borosilicate £18.65
510FDS50 Download 51073746269550.050.01.1Borosilicate £29.95
520FDS12 Download 52074647270512.51.1Borosilicate £15.75
520FDS25 Download 52074647270525.01.1Borosilicate £18.65
520FDS50 Download 52074647270550.050.01.1Borosilicate £29.95
414FDS12 Download 41474536570212.51.1Borosilicate £15.75
414FDS25 Download 41474536570225.01.1Borosilicate £18.65
414FDS50 Download 41474536570250.050.01.1Borosilicate £29.95
450FDS12 Download 45084640879012.51.1Borosilicate £15.75
450FDS25 Download 45084640879025.01.1Borosilicate £18.65
450FDS50 Download 45084640879050.050.01.1Borosilicate £29.95
460FDS12 Download 46086242581612.51.1Borosilicate £15.75
460FDS25 Download 46086242581625.01.1Borosilicate £18.65
530FDS25 Download 53075048071025.01.1Borosilicate £18.65
530FDS50 Download 53075048071050.050.01.1Borosilicate £29.95
541FDS12 Download 54177448873212.51.1Borosilicate £15.75
541FDS25 Download 54177448873225.01.1Borosilicate £18.65
541FDS50 Download 54177448873250.050.01.1Borosilicate £29.95
550FDS12 Download 55078849575112.51.1Borosilicate £15.75
550FDS25 Download 55078849575125.01.1Borosilicate £18.65
730FDS50 Download 730-652- £29.95
730FDS25 Download 730-652-25.01.1Borosilicate £18.65
500FDS12 Download 50071054367012.51.1Borosilicate £15.75
530FDS12 Download 53077048071012.51.1Borosilicate £15.75
581FDS25 Download 58183752479425.01.1Borosilicate £18.65
581FDS50 Download 58183752479450.050.01.1Borosilicate £29.95
590FDS12 Download 59084553079612.51.1Borosilicate £15.75
590FDS25 Download 59084553079625.01.1Borosilicate £18.65
590FDS50 Download 59084553079650.050.01.1Borosilicate £29.95
570FDS50 Download 57082251377550.050.01.1Borosilicate £29.95
570FDS25 Download 57082251377525.01.1Borosilicate £18.65
480FDS12 Download 48086643684412.51.1Borosilicate £15.75
480FDS25 Download 48086643684425.01.1Borosilicate £18.65
480FDS50 Download 48086643684450.050.01.1Borosilicate £29.95
490FDS12 Download 49093244487412.51.1Borosilicate £15.75
490FDS25 Download 49093244487425.01.1Borosilicate £18.65
560FDS50 Download 56079650575450.050.01.1Borosilicate £29.95
560FDS12 Download 56079650575412.51.1Borosilicate £15.75
550FDS50 Download 55078849575150.050.01.1Borosilicate £29.95
460FDS50 Download 46086242581650.050.01.1Borosilicate £29.95
470FDS12 Download 47082642677612.51.1Borosilicate £15.75
470FDS25 Download 47082642677625.01.1Borosilicate £18.65
3 50501500-740Blue400-440465Short-pass Filter £38.20

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