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Mounted dichroic beamsplitters longwave reflecting filters (45° AOI)

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Knight Optical's complete range of dichroic beamsplitters are available pre-mounted in a 25.5mm dia and 30.5mm dia mount options. Dichroic beamsplitters are designed for use at 45° and are used to split spectral bands into reflected and transmitted components over a controlled bandwidth and are commonly used for separating laser wavelengths in fluorescence microscopy.

These filters are supplied mounted in either our stock camera filter mounts with 0.5mm pitch threads designed to fit directly onto standard Tamron, Fujinon or Sony lenses. Mount sizes available are either 25.5mm or 30.5mm sized options. The 25mm dia filter simple screw inside with a simple retaining ring and  have 22mm dia clear aperture.

These mounted lenses are not available directly from our website but may be purchased by contacting our technical sales team directly. We are able to offer custom mount designs to our customers specifications. For more information on our mounted filter range, to place an order or enquire about a custom quotation, please contact our team.



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