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Cold mirrors 45°

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Cold mirrors are dielectically coated onto a glass substrate to reflect the visible spectrum of light and transmit the near infra-red, which contains the thermal energy. Deisnged for use at 45°, cold mirrors are used to control thermal energy entering temperature sensitive systems and are also an excellent alternative for transmitting the near infra-red spectrum. Cold mirrors have a sharp cut off between IR and visible because they have a dielectric coating that can be controlled. Cold mirrors are often used with tungsten lamps which are the source in a projector or lighting system.

Our stock range of cold mirrors reflect greater than 90% in the visible range of 425nm to 650nm and transmit highly between 800nm to 1200nm. All of our filters are tested in our state of the art metrology facility, using Agilent Cary 5000 spectrophotometers and full spectral data is available on request.

In addition to stocking 45° cold mirrors we also hold large sheets of 0° Cold Mirror available that can be cut to custom sizes at short notice. For more information on our stock range of cold mirrors, or to enquire about a custom quotation, please contact our technical sales team.

Reflectance (45°)*: > 90% (average over 425-650nm)
Transmittance (45°)* > 85% (average over 800-1200nm)
Material data : Borosilcate (LEGB) or equivalent
Diameter: +0.0 / -0.2 mm
Length/width: ± 0.2 mm
Thickness: ± 0.25 mm
Surface quality: <60-40 scratch/dig
Flatness: < average 5λ over 25mm (sheeted material)
Parallelism: < average 10 arcmin (not guaranteed)

* Average over wavelength regions stated.
Coating Specification:
Transmittance (45°) >90% average over 425-650nm
Reflectance (45°) >85% average over 800-1200nm
Cold mirror coating @ 45° AOI

  • Cutting down or edged to special shapes and sizes
  • Special sizes
  • Mounting (circles)

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Part No. IRDiameter
Material Price
700FCQ10065 Download IR transmit/ Vis absorb100653.3Borosilicate £46.50
700FCQ160100 Download IR transmit/ Vis absorb1601003.3Borosilicate £85.25
700FCQ2500 Download IR transmit/ Vis absorb253.3Borosilicate £7.55
700FCQ2515 Download IR transmit/ Vis absorb25153.3Borosilicate £13.50
700FCQ2525 Download IR transmit/ Vis absorb25253.3Borosilicate £5.50
700FCQ4000 Download IR transmit/ Vis absorb403.3Borosilicate £15.10
700FCQ4025 Download IR transmit/ Vis absorb40253.3Borosilicate £19.50
700FCQ4040 Download IR transmit/ Vis absorb40403.3Borosilicate £26.25
700FCQ5000 Download IR transmit/ Vis absorb503.3Borosilicate £18.00
700FCQ5050 Download IR transmit/ Vis absorb50503.3Borosilicate £31.90
700FCQ6540 Download IR transmit/ Vis absorb65403.3Borosilicate £26.50
700FCQ6565 Download IR transmit/ Vis absorb65653.3Borosilicate £48.80

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