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Acrylic longpass filters

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Acrylic colour filters are similar to colour glass filters, achieving their colouration by the use of dyes during the manufacturing process. Acrylic filters are cheaper than glass filters, easier to cut to special sizes and shapes but not quite as robust as glass. However, a rather wider range of spectral characteristics is available than with glass.

Two particularly useful types of acrylic colour filters are those which block the visible but pass near IR, and those that pass the visible but block UV light.

Knight Optical supplies a range of acrylic longpass filters available to purchase direct from stock. We also offer a custom service and can cut filters to size specifically for your application. Contact our technical sales team for more information.

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Part No. Wavelength cut-on (nm)Wavelength cut-off (nm)ColourDiameter
420FAP2500 Download 4202200Colourless (UV blocking)251 £8.55
420FAP5050 Download 4202200Colourless (UV blocking)50501 £7.95
620FAP550400 Download 6202200Red5504001 £122.50
510FAP2500 Download 5102200Yellow251 £8.25
510FAP5050 Download 5102200Yellow50501 £6.85
510FAP550400 Download 5102200Yellow5504001 £122.50
585FAP2500 Download 5852200Light red251 £8.25
585FAP5050 Download 5852200Light red50501 £6.85
620FAP2500 Download 6202200Red251 £8.25
620FAP5050 Download 6202200Red50501 £6.85
650FAP2500 Download 6502200Dark red251 £8.25
650FAP5050 Download 6502200Dark red50501 £6.85
685FAP2500 Download 6852200Black (Passes IR)251 £8.55
685FAP5050 Download 6852200Black (Passes IR)50501 £7.95
850FAP2500 Download 8502200Black (Passes IR from stated W/L)251 £8.55
850FAP5050 Download 8502200Black (Passes IR from stated W/L)50501 £7.95
420FAP550400 Download 4202200Colourless (UV blocking)5504001 £122.50
585FAP550400 Download 5852200Light Red5504001 £122.50
850FAP550400 Download 8502200Black (Passes IR from stated W/L)5504001 £181.50
650FAP550400 Download 6502200Dark Red5504001 £122.50
685FAP550400 Download 6852200Black (Passes IR)5504001 £181.50

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