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Heat glass filters

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Hot mirrors is a generic term used to describe IR reflecting filters that are typically found in temperature sensitive applications. The multilayer dielectric coating allows visible light to be transmitted at 0° AOI while reflecting NIR wavelengths up to 1150nm. The reduces the amount of heat entering a system and protects sensitive parts.

Our stock hot mirrors are coated on either 3.3mm borosilicate or 3.0mm KG1 substrates. As a rule, borosilicate's improved resistance to thermal expansion and thermal shock makes it a superior material when the light source is focussed close to the filter but the material also transmits highly above 1200nm. KG1 glass offers high blocking up to 3000nm and beyond. Our stock KG1 filters are thermally toughened to improve resistance to cracking.

Knight Optical also offers custom hot mirrors in standard borosilicate, fused silica and KG glass to suit your wavelength requirements. Alternatively, existing stock filters can be edged or cut to size in house for a fast turn around.

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