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Interference bandpass filters (standard visible range 330nm - 2000nm)

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These interference band-pass filters are used to isolate and transmit a specified narrow wavelength and reflect all other incident wavelengths.

Knight Optical's stock range of high quality standard bandwidth visible type interference filters is available from 330nm-2000nm in various bandwidths to meet most requirements, such as imaging and instrumentation. This visible range has a standard 45-50% transmission however some common wavelengths are stocked with a high 70% transmission (See FIJ type filters).

The individual filters are CNC scribed and hermetically sealed to form a stack in their rings, ensuring maximum long-term stability. Although our standard stock range is mounted, un-mounted types with aerospace paint blackened edges can be supplied at request.  All our interference bandpass filters are supplied with a transmission curve.

For more information on our stock range of interference bandpass filters, or to enquire about a custom quote, please contact our technical sales team.

Stock size (mm): 12.5mm; 25.0mm; 50mm diameter
Diameter & aperture (mm): 12.5mm + 0.25 (8.5mm aperture)
25.0mm ± 0.1 (21mm aperture)
50.0mm ± 0.1 (46mm aperture)
Thickness (mm): 6.1mm +/-0.2
<0.01% (OD4) @ 200nm to 1150nm (for filters with CWL less than 380nm) 
<0.001% (OD5) @ 200nm to 1150nm (for filters with CWL between 380nm and 1064) 
<0.001% (OD5) @ 200nm to 1850nm (for filters with CWL between 1080nm and 1640)
See individual pages for CWLs not covered by the above.
CWL tolerance (nm): ± 20% of FWHM
HBW tolerance (nm): ± 20% of FWHM
Optimum operating temperature: 23°C
Edge treatment: Mounted in black anodized aluminium ring
Edge marking format: In most cases {Knight Optical Part#} - {KOLTD} - arrow in direction of light path
Surface/coating quality: 80/50 Per Mil-0-13830A
Usable temperature limits: -50°C to +80°C
Design type: Typical 3 cavity design
Assembly: All filters are scribed  and hermetically sealed to ensure maximum long-term stability
(Doc & drgs tab or click here for information on scribed interference filters)


Please telephone our technical sales or email with your specification.

  • Dielectrically blocked filters are available for increased performance.
  • Stock filters can be supplied in pre-mounted threaded rings.
  • Other bespoke sizes to your specification either mounted or un-mounted.
  • Unmounted interference filters available, sealed around edges with high quality aerospace paint.
  • Small one-off or small batch quantity for new projects at very competitive prices and normally delivered within 6 weeks.
  • Alternative imperial sizes are available at short notice, normally within 1-2 weeks.
  • 12.7mm dia: 8.7mm dia aperture
  • 25.4mm dia: 21.4mm dia aperture
  • 50.8mm dia: 46.8mm dia aperture


Information sheet: Interference filter terminology
Information sheet: Scribed interference filters

Stock Optics

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Part No. CWL(nm)Peak Transmission (%)FWHMDiameter
Mounted/UnmountedBlocking TypeAvg. Blocking RangeAvg. Blocking ODBlocking typeAvg. blocking rangeBlocking OD level Avg. Price
1050FIB12 Download 1050501512.56.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £41.20
1050FIB25 Download 10505015256.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £66.85
330FIB25 Download 3302510256.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm4 £78.40
337FIB50 Download 337.12510506.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm4 £286.00
340FIB25 Download 3402510256.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm4 £78.40
350FIB12 Download 350251012.56.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm4 £43.40
355FIB12 Download 355251012.56.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm4 £43.40
355FIB50 Download 3552510506.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm4 £286.00
1064FIB25 Download 10645016256.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £68.20
360FIB12 Download 360251012.56.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm4 £43.40
360FIB25 Download 3602510256.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm4 £78.40
360FIB50 Download 3602510506.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm4 £286.00
370FIB50 Download 3702510506.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm4 £286.00
380FIB25 Download 3803010256.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £78.40
390FIB25 Download 3903710256.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £68.20
390FIB50 Download 3903710506.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £187.50
400FIB25 Download 4003710256.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £68.20
400FIB50 Download 4003710506.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £182.00
405FIB12 Download 405371012.56.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £27.20
410FIB25 Download 4104010256.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £68.20
410FIB50 Download 4104010506.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £182.00
1080FIB25 Download 10804515256.1MountedSilver200nm to 1850nm5 £74.40
420FIB12 Download 420451012.56.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £27.20
420FIB25 Download 4204510256.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £68.20
420FIB50 Download 4204510506.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £182.00
1100FIB12 Download 11004516.512.56.1MountedSilver200nm to 1850nm5 £34.00
430FIB50 Download 4304510506.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £182.00
436FIB25 Download 435.84510256.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £68.20
440FIB25 Download 4404510256.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £68.20
440FIB50 Download 4404510506.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £182.00
1120FIB12 Download 11204517.512.56.1MountedSilver200nm to 1850nm5 £34.00
450FIB12 Download 450451012.56.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £27.20
458FIB12 Download 457.9451012.56.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £41.20
458FIB25 Download 457.94510256.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £68.20
470FIB12 Download 470451012.56.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £41.20
1140FIB25 Download 11404517.5256.1MountedSilver200nm to 1850nm5 £79.60
480FIB50 Download 4804510506.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £187.50
488FIB12 Download 488451012.56.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £41.20
488FIJ25 Download 4887010256.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £74.80
490FIB12 Download 490451012.56.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £41.20
490FIB25 Download 4904510256.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £74.80
500FIB50 Download 5005010506.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £187.50
1180FIB12 Download 1180451112.56.1MountedSilver200nm to 1850nm5 £46.00
510FIB12 Download 510501012.56.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £41.20
510FIB25 Download 5105010256.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £74.80
515FIB25 Download 514.55010256.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £74.80
515FIJ12 Download 514.5701012.56.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £41.20
515FIJ50 Download 514.57010506.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £187.50
520FIB12 Download 520501012.56.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £41.20
1220FIB12 Download 1220451112.56.1MountedSilver200nm to 1850nm5 £46.00
530FIB25 Download 5305010256.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £74.80
532FIB25 Download 5325010256.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £74.80
540FIB50 Download 5405010506.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £187.50
543FIB25 Download 5435010256.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £74.80
546FIB12 Download 546.1501012.56.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £41.20
550FIB12 Download 550501012.56.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £27.20
560FIB50 Download 5605010506.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £187.50
570FIB50 Download 5705010506.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £187.50
1280FIB12 Download 1280451212.56.1MountedSilver200nm to 1850nm5 £46.00
580FIB12 Download 580501012.56.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £41.20
1300FIB12 Download 1300451212.56.1MountedSilver200nm to 1850nm5 £46.00
1000FIB12 Download 1000501512.56.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £41.20
1300FIB25 Download 13004512256.1MountedSilver200nm to 1850nm5 £79.60
590FIB25 Download 5905010256.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £74.80
590FIB50 Download 5905010506.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £187.50
600FIB25 Download 6005010256.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £74.80
600FIB50 Download 6005010506.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £187.50
1320FIB12 Download 13204512.512.56.1MountedSilver200nm to 1850nm5 £46.00
610FIB12 Download 610501012.56.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £41.20
610FIB25 Download 6105010256.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £74.80
610FIB50 Download 6105010506.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £187.50
620FIB12 Download 620501012.56.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £41.20
620FIB50 Download 6205010506.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £187.50
630FIB25 Download 6305010256.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £74.80
633FIB12 Download 632.8501012.56.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £27.20
633FIB25 Download 632.85010256.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £74.80
633FIJ12 Download 632.8701012.56.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £41.20
633FIJ25 Download 632.87010256.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £74.80
636FIB12 Download 636501012.56.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £41.20
1360FIB12 Download 1360451312.56.1MountedSilver200nm to 1850nm5 £46.00
640FIB50 Download 6405010506.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £187.50
645FIB12 Download 645501012.56.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £41.20
645FIB25 Download 6455010256.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £74.80
1360FIB25 Download 13604513256.1MountedSilver200nm to 1850nm5 £79.60
656FIB25 Download 656.35010256.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £74.80
656FIB50 Download 656.35010506.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £187.50
660FIB25 Download 6605010256.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £74.80
660FIB50 Download 6605010506.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £187.50
670FIB12 Download 670501012.56.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £41.20
670FIB25 Download 6705010256.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £74.80
670FIJ12 Download 670701012.56.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £41.20
680FIB12 Download 680501012.56.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £41.20
685FIJ25 Download 6857010256.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £74.80
690FIB12 Download 690501012.56.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £41.20
690FIB50 Download 6905010506.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £187.50
694FIB25 Download 694.35010256.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £74.80
1420FIB25 Download 14204014256.1MountedSilver200nm to 1850nm5 £79.60
700FIB25 Download 7005010256.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £74.80
1440FIB25 Download 14404014256.1MountedSilver200nm to 1850nm5 £79.60
710FIB12 Download 710501012.56.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £41.20
710FIB25 Download 7105010256.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £74.80
720FIB12 Download 720501012.56.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £41.20
1460FIB25 Download 14604014256.1MountedSilver200nm to 1850nm5 £79.60
750FIB25 Download 7505010256.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £74.80
760FIB25 Download 7605010256.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £74.80
770FIB12 Download 770501012.56.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £41.20
780FIB12 Download 780501012.56.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £41.20
1020FIB12 Download 1020501512.56.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £41.20
780FIB25 Download 7805010256.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £74.80
785FIJ25 Download 7857010256.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £74.80
1520FIB12 Download 1520401512.56.1MountedSilver200nm to 1850nm5 £46.00
790FIB25 Download 7905010256.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £74.80
1520FIB25 Download 15204015256.1MountedSilver200nm to 1850nm5 £79.60
1540FIB12 Download 1540401512.56.1MountedSilver200nm to 1850nm5 £46.00
850FIB12 Download 850451012.56.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £27.20
850FIB25 Download 8504510256.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £74.80
860FIB12 Download 860451012.56.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £41.20
860FIB25 Download 8604510256.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £74.80
870FIB25 Download 8704510256.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £74.80
1580FIB12 Download 1580501612.56.1MountedSilver200nm to 1850nm5 £46.00
880FIB25 Download 8804510256.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £74.80
890FIB25 Download 8904510256.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £74.80
1580FIB25 Download 15805016256.1MountedSilver200nm to 1850nm5 £79.60
900FIB25 Download 9004510256.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £74.80
900FIJ25 Download 9007010256.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £74.80
920FIB12 Download 920501012.56.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £41.20
930FIB12 Download 930501012.56.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £41.20
1020FIB25 Download 10205015256.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £74.80
1600FIB25 Download 16005013256.1MountedSilver200nm to 1850nm5 £79.60
950FIB12 Download 950501012.56.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £41.20
950FIB25 Download 9505010256.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £74.80
960FIB12 Download 960501012.56.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £41.20
1620FIB12 Download 1620401312.56.1MountedSilver200nm to 1850nm5 £46.00
970FIB12 Download 970501012.56.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £41.20
980FIB12 Download 980501012.56.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £41.20
990FIB12 Download 990501012.56.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £41.20
1640FIB12 Download 1640401612.56.1MountedSilver200nm to 1850nm5 £46.00
1700FIB12 Download 1700401512.56.1MountedSilver200nm to 2050nm4 £46.00
1040FIB12 Download 1040501512.56.1MountedSilver200nm to 1150nm5 £41.20
1900FIB12 Download 1900351612.56.1MountedSilver200nm to 2250nm4 £46.00
2000FIB12 Download 2000351712.56.1MountedSilver200nm to 2350nm4 £46.00
1720FIB25 Download 17204025256.1MountedSilver200nm to 2050nm4 £85.80
1020DIB12 1020501512.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £37.60
1000DIB25 10005015256.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £78.75
1140DIB25 11404517.5256.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1850nm5 £82.50
400DIB25 4003710256.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £93.50
440DIB50 4404510506.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £196.00
1220DIB12 1220451112.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1850nm5 £57.50
1140DIB12 11404517.512.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1850nm5 £42.00
400DIB50 4003710506.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £208.40
380DIB50 3803010506.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £297.00
1800DIB25 18004016256.1MountedDielectric200nm to 2150nm4 £99.50
420DIB12 420451012.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £37.60
1500DIB25 15004015256.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1850nm5 £99.50
1400DIB25 14004014256.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1850nm5 £82.50
436DIB25 435.84510256.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £78.75
1460DIB25 14604014256.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1850nm5 £99.50
1480DIB12 1480401512.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1850nm5 £57.50
1320DIB12 13204512.512.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1850nm5 £42.00
1800DIB12 1800401612.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 2150nm4 £57.50
1300DIB25 13004512256.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1850nm5 £82.50
430DIB25 4304510256.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £78.75
430DIB12 430451012.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £37.60
1260DIB25 12604512256.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1850nm5 £99.50
330DIB25 3302510256.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm4 £111.50
410DIB25 4104010256.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £78.75
1900DIB25 19003516256.1MountedDielectric200nm to 2250nm4 £86.80
1064DIB25 10645016256.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £78.75
1440DIB12 1440401412.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1850nm5 £57.50
1520DIB12 1520401512.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1850nm5 £42.00
360DIB25 3602510256.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm4 £111.50
1500DIB12 1500401512.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1850nm5 £57.50
390DIB25 3903710256.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £93.50
400DIB12 400371012.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £37.60
1120DIB12 11204517.512.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1850nm5 £42.00
1700DIB25 17004015256.1MountedDielectric200nm to 2050nm4 £99.50
1100DIB12 11004516.512.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1850nm5 £42.00
1200DIB12 1200451112.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1850nm5 £42.00
1020DIB25 10205015256.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £78.75
390DIB12 390371012.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £51.50
1080DIB25 10804515256.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1850nm5 £99.50
1220DIB25 12204511256.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1850nm5 £99.50
1180DIB12 1180451112.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1850nm5 £42.00
405DIB12 405371012.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £51.50
450DIB12 450451012.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £37.60
633DIB12 632.8501012.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £51.50
360DIB12 360251012.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm4 £69.50
1400DIB12 1400401412.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1850nm5 £57.50
430DIB50 4304510506.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £208.40
2000DIB25 20003517256.1MountedDielectric200nm to 2350nm4 £99.50
458DIB25 457.94510256.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £93.50
1360DIB25 13604513256.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1850nm5 £82.50
450DIB25 4504510256.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £93.50
440DIB25 4404510256.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £93.50
340DIB12 340251012.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm4 £41.70
1900DIB12 1900351612.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 2250nm4 £57.50
380DIB25 3803010256.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £111.50
380DIB12 380301012.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £69.50
2000DIB12 2000351712.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 2350nm4 £57.50
420DIB50 4204510506.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £208.40
1260DIB12 1260451212.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1850nm5 £57.50
410DIB12 410401012.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £51.50
340DIB25 3402510256.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm4 £111.50
1280DIB12 1280451212.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1850nm5 £57.50
1300DIB12 1300451212.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1850nm5 £57.50
1680DIB25 16804014256.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1950nm4 £99.50
1600DIB25 16005013256.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1850nm5 £99.50
350DIB12 350251012.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm4 £69.50
420DIB25 4204510256.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £93.50
1200DIB25 12004511256.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1850nm5 £99.50
1180DIB25 11804511256.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1850nm5 £99.50
1240DIB12 12404511.512.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1850nm5 £57.50
440DIB12 440451012.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £51.50
390DIB50 3903710506.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £208.40
350DIB25 3502510256.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm4 £111.50
1050DIB12 1050501512.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £51.50
458DIB12 457.9451012.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £51.50
450DIB50 4504510506.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £208.40
1660DIB25 16604013256.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1950nm4 £99.50
1280DIB25 12804512256.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1850nm5 £99.50
1700DIB12 1700401512.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 2050nm4 £57.50
1360DIB12 1360451312.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1850nm5 £57.50
1064DIB12 1064501612.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £51.50
330DIB12 330251012.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm4 £69.50
460DIB12 460451012.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £51.50
460DIB25 4604510256.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £93.50
470DIB12 470451012.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £51.50
470DIB25 4704510256.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £93.50
480DIB12 480451012.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £51.50
480DIB25 4804510256.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £93.50
488DIB12 488451012.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £51.50
488DIB25 4884510256.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £93.50
490DIB12 490451012.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £51.50
490DIB25 4904510256.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £93.50
500DIB12 500501012.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £51.50
500DIB25 5005010256.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £93.50
500DIB50 5005010506.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £208.40
510DIB12 510501012.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £51.50
510DIB25 5105010256.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5Dielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £93.50
515DIB25 514.55010256.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £93.50
515DIJ12 514.5701012.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £51.50
515DIJ50 514.57010506.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £208.40
520DIB12 520501012.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £51.50
520DIB25 5205010256.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £93.50
530DIB12 530501012.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £51.50
530DIB25 5305010256.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £93.50
532DIB12 532501012.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £51.50
532DIB25 5325010256.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £93.50
540DIB12 540501012.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £51.50
540DIB25 5405010256.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £93.50
546DIB12 546.1501012.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £51.50
546DIB25 546.15010256.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £93.50
550DIB12 550501012.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £51.50
550DIB25 5505010256.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £93.50
550DIB50 5505010506.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £208.40
560DIB12 560501012.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £51.50
560DIB25 5605010256.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £93.50
570DIB12 570501012.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £51.50
570DIB25 5705010256.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £93.50
578DIB12 577.7501012.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £51.50
578DIB25 577.75010256.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £93.50
580DIB12 580501012.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £51.50
580DIB25 5805010256.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £93.50
589DIB12 589.6501012.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £51.50
589DIB25 589.65010256.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £93.50
590DIB12 590501012.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £51.50
590DIB25 5905010256.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £93.50
600DIB12 600501012.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £51.50
600DIB25 6005010256.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £93.50
610DIB12 610501012.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £51.50
610DIB25 6105010256.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £93.50
620DIB12 620501012.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £51.50
620DIB25 6205010256.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £93.50
630DIB12 630501012.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £51.50
630DIB25 6305010256.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £93.50
633DIB25 632.85010256.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £93.50
636DIB12 636501012.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £51.50
636DIB25 6365010256.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £93.50
640DIB12 640501012.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £51.50
645DIB12 645501012.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £51.50
650DIB12 650501012.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £51.50
650DIB25 6505010256.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £93.50
656DIB12 656.3501012.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £51.50
656DIB25 656.35010256.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £93.50
656DIB50 656.35010506.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £208.40
660DIB12 660501012.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £51.50
660DIB25 6605010256.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £93.50
670DIB12 670501012.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £51.50
670DIB25 6705010256.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £93.50
670DIJ12 670701012.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £51.50
675DIJ12 675701012.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £51.50
675DIJ25 6757010256.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £93.50
680DIB12 680501012.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £51.50
680DIB25 6805010256.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £93.50
685DIJ12 685701012.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £51.50
685DIJ25 6857010256.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £93.50
690DIB12 690501012.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £51.50
690DIB25 6905010256.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £93.50
700DIB12 700501012.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £51.50
700DIB25 7005010256.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £93.50
710DIB12 710501012.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £51.50
710DIB25 7105010256.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £93.50
720DIB12 720501012.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £51.50
730DIB12 730501012.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £51.50
730DIB25 7305010256.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £93.50
740DIB12 740501012.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £51.50
740DIB25 7405010256.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £93.50
750DIB12 750501012.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £37.60
750DIB25 7505010256.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £93.50
770DIB12 770501012.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £51.50
770DIB25 7705010256.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £93.50
780DIB12 780501012.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £51.50
780DIJ12 780701012.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £51.50
785DIJ25 7857010256.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £93.50
790DIB25 7905010256.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £93.50
800DIB12 800501012.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £51.50
800DIB25 8005010256.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £93.50
810DIB12 810451012.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £51.50
820DIB12 820451012.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £51.50
820DIB25 8204510256.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £93.50
850DIB12 850451012.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £51.50
850DIB25 8504510256.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £93.50
860DIB12 860451012.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £37.60
860DIB25 8604510256.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £93.50
880DIB12 880451012.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £51.50
880DIB25 8804510256.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £93.50
890DIB25 8904510256.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £93.50
900DIB12 900451012.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £51.50
900DIB25 9004510256.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £93.50
900DIJ25 9007010256.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £93.50
920DIB12 920501012.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £51.50
920DIB25 9205010256.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £93.50
930DIB12 930501012.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £51.50
940DIB12 940501012.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £51.50
940DIB25 9405010256.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £93.50
950DIB12 950501012.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £51.50
950DIB25 9505010256.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £93.50
960DIB12 960501012.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £51.50
960DIB25 9605010256.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £93.50
970DIB12 970501012.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £51.50
980DIB12 980501012.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £37.60
990DIB12 990501012.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £51.50
990DIB25 9905010256.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm5 £93.50
370DIB12 370251012.56.1MountedDielectric200nm to 1150nm4 £41.70

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