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Optolite™ HSR plastic diffusers

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Highly durable, chemically resiliant and scratch resistant plastic diffusers from Knight Optical


Optolite™ HSR plastic diffusers offer superior, more uniform diffusion than ground glass and have a number of uses including backlighting, colour comparison, fibre optics, liquid analysis equipment and a range of entertainment and design applications from the laboratory to the high street.

Knight Optical supplies quality Optolite™ HSR plastic diffusers manufactured in the United Kingdom. Our diffusers offer excellent chemical resistance and durability for outstanding performance and long operating lifetimes whether placed indoors or out. Optolite™ HSR plastic diffusers have up to 20 times the abrasion and scratch resistance of equivilent acrylics and are highly impact resistant. Our diffusers are approximately half the weight of equivilent glass and can operate continually in temperatures in excess of 100°C.

Our stock range of 3.0mm thick, Grade 2 diffusers give excellent diffusion and moderate transmission designed for common soft lighting and diffusion applications. We offer a comprehensive bespoke service for custom diffuser specifications for alternative sizes, thicknesses and grades. Thinner material should be used where better Lambertian diffusion is required or space in the system or design is limited. Thicker diffusers offer higher impact resistance for exposed environments such as shop displays.

For more information on our custom range, please see the “Options available” tab below or speak to our experience technical sales team for more information.

Material: Optolite™ HSR
Length/width: ± 1.0 mm
Tavg 400-750nm (Grade 2, 3mm thick): 7.5%


The table below lists example transmission for standard 1.0mm diffusers. Transmission will vary significantly with thickness. Please contact our sales team for details of individual types.

Grade no. Transmission Thickness
0 87% 1.0mm
1 83% 1.0mm
2 76% 1.0mm
3 73% 1.0mm
4 65% 1.0mm
5 61% 1.0mm
6 56% 1.0mm
7 53% 1.0mm
8 50% 1.0mm
9 58% 1.0mm
10 45% 1.0mm
11 40% 1.0mm


  • Cutting down of stock components to smaller diameters and sizes
  • Thicknesses available between 0.5-8.0mm
  • CNC machining to customers requirements
  • Cold laminated colour film available on request
  • Optolite™ HSR grade options between Grade 0 to Grade 11 for different transmissions

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Part No. Width
MaterialGradeColourFinish Price
DPO1023 1001003Optolite2WhiteMatt £35.00
DPO2523 2502503Optolite2WhiteMatt £120.00
DPO1523 1501503Optolite2WhiteMatt £59.25
DPO4023 4004003Optolite2WhiteMatt £245.00
DPO6023 4006003Optolite2WhiteMatt £345.00

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