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Non polarising cube beamsplitters

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Non polarised beamsplitter cubes are designed to split light independently of polarisation and are ideal for applications where control over polarisation needs to be maintained. In the simplest terms incident light hitting a correctly aligned cube at 0° will be partially transmitted through the cube while the remaining light is reflected at 90° off the interior coated surface. The extent of this transmission and reflection is dictated by the cube’s splitting ratio and by the design wavelength of the coating. Typically these will be 50:50, 70:30 and 90:10 types although other ratios are possible.

Beamsplitter cubes are manufactured by cementing two high precision right angled prisms together along the hypotenuse length. The interior surface is coated and this is what controls the splitting characteristics of the cube. The coating is metallic dielectric designed to minimise the effects of polarisation and keep S and P transmission to within 10%.

Cube beamsplitters offer two key advantages over plate beamsplitters. The shape of the cube makes the part easier to mount and align in a system and therefore offers superior control when compared to plate types. Additionally, plate beamsplitters can exhibit ghost images caused by unwanted light reflecting off the back surface of the plate and can also suffer from dispersion and beam deviation due to incident light passing through the plate at an angle.

Knight Optical offers an extensive, cost effective custom beamsplitter cube service to supply the very highest quality products manufactured to your specification. We have many years of experience in this field and are an established supplier of custom beamsplitter cubes to industries worldwide. Speak to our experienced technical sales advisors to discuss your custom product and for advice on selecting the best product for your application.

Standard non polarising type:

Knight Optical supplies standard cube beamsplitters for a range of applications. Standard range beamsplitters are suitable for use in randomly polarised laser applications and can be supplied in all common laser wavelengths. Because the coating is narrowband these beamsplitters are excellent at reducing unwanted light entering and leaving the system, and offer superior control when compared to broadband types.

Broadband non polarising type:

Broadband non polarising cube beamsplitters are designed to maintain a consistent T:R ratio over a broad spectrum, typically covering the VIS, NIR and Telecoms bands. To date Knight Optical has supplied high quality, bespoke broadband non polarising beamsplitters for applications airport security scanners, advanced retinal imaging systems and other biotech and instrumentation applications.

These cube beamsplitters are not available as a stock item. Knight Optical supply precision, custom cube beamsplitters to industries worldwide. Please see our capabilities in the link above or contact our technical sales team for more information.

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