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UV ground glass diffusers

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Diffusers alter the divergence of incident light. Knight Optical provide five standard types. In addition to design and entertainment applications diffusers are used in traditional imaging techniques and for the control of illumination for optical sensing and military instrumentation and imaging applications.

We offer UV ground glass diffusers from stock, manufactured from UV fused silica for improved transmission below 400nm. We also sell PVC, ground glass, flashed opal and Optolite™ diffusers for general use in the visible range and shaped (holographic) diffusers for beam shaping applications.

Listed here is our range of UV ground glass diffusers which scatter light at angles up to about 10°. Typical applications are for focussing and secondly to enhance illumination uniformly in UV lighting systems. Our UV diffusers are manufactured from UV grade fused silica which operates over from 175nm - 2700nm. Ground glass diffusers diffuse light less thoroughly than our opal diffusers but do so with less scattering losses.

For more information on our stock UV ground glass diffusers, or to enquire about our custom capabilities, please contact our technical sales team.

Material: UV grade fused silica
Diameter: +0.0 / -0.25 mm
Length / Width: ± 0.25 mm
Surface A (polished): <60-40 Scratch-dig
Surface B (diffused): 40 micron finish
Flatness (Surface A): <2.5 wave as standard


  • Cutting down of stock components to smaller diameters and sizes.
  • Mounting options.
  • Larger plates available for custom shapes and sizes.
  • Other grades of diffuse available.

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Part No. Diameter
MaterialWavelength (nm)GritWavelength range (nm)Thick
DGF1000 Download 102UVFS175-250040 £22.45
DGF1500 Download 15UVFS40175-25002 £27.95
DGF2500 Download 252UVFS175-250040 £36.45
DGF4000 Download 403UVFS175-250040 £55.45
DGF5000 Download 504UVFS175-250040 £67.45
DGF5050 Download 50502UVFS175-250040 £67.45

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