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Zero Order Quartz Retarder 1064nm 1/2 wave Retardance 25.4mmdia

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SKU: RQZ2521
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Material Quartz
Clear Aperture (mm) 17
Retardance 1/2 wave
Wavefront Distortion @ 633nm 1/10 wave
Wavelength (nm) 1064

Knight Optical supplies quality and cost effective zero order quartz retarders wave plates made from optical grade AR-coated, crystallized quartz and mounted in durable blackened aluminium rings for ease of integration and handling. Quartz wave plates are suitable for both high and low power applications due to their negligible absorption and high transmission characteristics. Zero order quartz retarders are manufactured by optically cementing two precision polished wave plates of differing thickness to achieve the correct retardation difference.

Key applications include:

  • Electro-optical modulation
  • Phase shift correction in medical microscopy
  • Optical isolators
  • Laser power attenuation
  • Laser diodes

Wave plates can be used to rotate the direction of polarisation (λ/2 type) or convert linear to or from circular polarisation (λ/4 type). The effect of the wave plate is dependent on the retardation.

Our zero order quartz wave plates are available in all key laser wavelengths available to purchase directly from this page. Bespoke wavelengths, sizes and mounts are available through Knight Optical’s extensive custom optical service. Contact our technical sales team for more information.

Mount diameter:
Quartz Thickness:
Order of Retardation Tolerance:
Laser Damage Threshold:
Mount Thickness:

Crystal quartz
25.4mm +0/-0.2
AR Ravg < 0.4%
1.5 - 2.5mm
Zero order
>0.5J/cm2 , 10 nsec, 1064 nm

6mm +/-0.1

Alternative wavelengths and sizes available
Custom mounts manufactured to fit your application
Can be purchased as a complete set, supplied in a wooden box for research and laboratory use