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Sapphire (Al2O3) is one of the hardest minerals and optical materials available for use in the range from UV up to about 5µm. Sapphire is birefringent and if its use is for critical optical application, for example, windows, then the crystal might have to be cut along the zero degree plane, or C-Cut. Random cut is usually cut along a plane that is 60° off-axis as the growth in this direction is the easiest to grow. Random cut is anyone that is not the C-Cut angle. Sapphire can fluoresce and that depends upon the concentration of other minerals within the lattice, for example Iron (Fe) or Chromium (Cr). Clear Sapphire might fluoresce orange when illuminated by UV light if impurities are in the crystal. Fluorescent free Sapphire has to be grown from 'pure' feedstock and seed and in an environment that cannot place impurities into the lattice ...

Surface Quality:

C-Cut Sapphire
+0/-0.20 mm
±0.1 mm
±0.1 mm
<60-40 scratch/dig
5 arc min

Edging down to smaller diameters, square and rectangular apertures.
AR coatings.
Complete mounting options.
Glass to metal seals.
Sub-assemblies for high pressure enviroments.

10 Items

Name Diameter (mm) Thickness (mm) Coating Material Price Buy
WSC1001 pdf 10 1 Uncoated Sapphire (C-Cut)
WSC1002 pdf 10 2 Uncoated Sapphire (C-Cut)
WSC1301 pdf 12.5 1 Uncoated Sapphire (C-Cut)
WSC1302 pdf 12.5 2 Uncoated Sapphire (C-Cut)
WSC2501 pdf 25 1 Uncoated Sapphire (C-Cut)
WSC2502 pdf 25 2 Uncoated Sapphire (C-Cut)
WSC2503 pdf 25 3 Uncoated Sapphire (C-Cut)
WSC4002 pdf 40 2 Uncoated Sapphire (C-Cut)
WSC5002 pdf 50 2 Uncoated Sapphire (C-Cut)
WSC5003 pdf 50 3 Uncoated Sapphire (C-Cut)

10 Items


Sapphire Windows (c-cut)

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