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Standard Bench Monochromatic Light Unit 110V

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SKU: TML4026
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Type Standard bench top unit
CE Certified CE Marked
Voltage 110V

Monochromatic lights have a low pressure sodium light source that emits monochromatic light in which rays have virtually the same wavelength.  This light is a very effective way of viewing fringe patterns on surfaces of optical flats (Newton rings).

Knight Optical's standard type monolight has a straight line engraved across the diffused screen enabling the operator to easily compare the straight lines of the component being tested thus identifying how flat the surface is.  Other options of monochromatic lights are available in enhanced version and floor standing version. These lights are not supplied with the optical flat as standard however we stock a range of quartz and Zerodur optical flats with a range of flatness specifications to meet your application.

Monochromatic light units are suitable for the following electrical services 220/240V, 110V and 12VDC on selected units.  Contact our technical team for further information.