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Resolution Chart 75x75mm NBS 1963A

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Length (mm) 75
Width (mm) 75
Thickness (mm) 2
Lines/mm 43101
Pattern NBS 1963A (BS4657)

Knight Optical’s resolution charts consist of multiple precision metallic patterns deposited on a transparent glass substrate and are equipped with a range of spatial frequencies for optical testing.

Resolution charts are used to test the resolving power of microscopes for medical and laboratory applications, and scanners and imaging cameras for defence and commercial applications. Knight Optical are able to provide USAF 1951 0-7, NBS 1963A and Cobb (BS1613) charts for resolution testing.

Knight Optical have also supplied high precision custom resolution charts designed by our customers to fit their application and testing. For more information on our stock and custom resolution charts, contact our technical sales team.

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