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A dove prism has the interesting characteristic that if it is placed between a lens and the image formed by that lens then rotating the prism will rotate the image by twice the prism rotation angle.   Dove prisms are useful as image rotators in fields such as astronomy and interferometry.  Our stock range of dove prisms are uncoated, however AR coatings or mirror coatings can be applied at short notice to create your unique custom dove prisms.

Surface Quality:
N-BK7 or equivalent
45° ±5 arcmin
60/40 scratch/ dig

Anti-reflective coatings available on request.
Faces can be coated with mirror coatings.

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Name Dimension A (mm) Dimension B (mm) Dimension C (mm) Dimension D (mm) Material Price Buy
PDK1667 16 16 67 22.63 N-BK7 or equivalent

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Dove Prisms