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Planoconvex Lens N-BK7 6mmdia x 8mm F.L. AR coated (Ext.Vis 450-900nm)

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SKU: LPV0806-AV2
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Focal Length (mm) 8.0
Diameter (mm) 6.0
Material N-BK7 or equivalent
Coating AR coated (Ext.Vis 450-900nm)

Planoconvex lenses have one plane and one convex surface and have a positive focal length. Planoconvex lenses are typically used for focusing or collecting light in optical systems. Plano-convex lenses are normally made of a medium index crown glass such as BK7 or equivalent or BaK4 or equivalent however for lower spherical aberrations lenses high index glass is used typically SF11 or equivalent. Planoconvex lenses form a moderate quality image close to the axis but usually the chromatic aberration is serious. They are generally used as elements within a more complex lens system or optical instrument in imaging systems, lasers and detectors.

Knight Optical stock planoconvex lenses are available from 2.5mm dia up to 100mm dia in a full range of focal lengths to meet most applications.  Please also note these stock planoconvex lenses are available uncoated or AR coated for visible applications through to NIR applications. We aare able to supply alternative coatings including AR coated for telecoms IR applications on request. 

We can offer custom planoconvex lenses to meet your requirements or alternatively edge stock lenses for a quick turnaround, please enquire.

Centring Accuracy:
Focal Length:
Centre Thickness:
Surface Quality:

BK7 or equivalent, SF11 or equivalent(for lower spherical aberrations)
+0/-0.10mm (≤65mm) +0/-0.15mm (>65mm)
<5 arc min
± 0.2% (<10mm) ± 2.0% (10-1000mm) ± 5.0% (>1000mm)
± 0.2mm
<40-20 scratch dig
UV synthetic fused silica Lenses with suffix "AU1" are coated on both faces with:
multilayer antireflective coating @248-400nm

Mounting into lens cells.
Edging down to smaller diameters.
Uncoated lenses can have custom coatings applied.
Convenient lens sets.

UV synthetic fused silica Lenses with suffix "AU1" are coated on both faces with:
multilayer antireflective coating @248-400nm