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Our fitted component holders are designed to securely hold and position an optical filter or window for the purposes of integration into an optical system.

Our products are designed to fit the most commonly used window and filter diameters. Each part is safely fastened with a locking ring to eliminate any movement of the part within the holder.

Made from high quality black anodized aluminium to a sturdy design, these components are compatible with either M4 or M6 threaded posts and bases.

Key features include:


  • 5 different models for diameters between 12.7mm to 75mm
  • High quality construction for everyday use
  • Easy integration onto optical tables and bases

These component holders are a small range showing the most common sizes and we are able to supply custom fitted component holders to fit any diameter. To discover more about our stock fitted component holders or our extensive custom capabilities, contact our technical sales team


Please see "Docs & drgs" tab for individual product specifications

6 Items

Name Component Diameter (mm) Outer Diameter (mm) Screw Fitting Price Buy
HFI0012 pdf 12.7 26.0 M6
HFI0020 pdf 20.0 33.0 M6
HFI0025 pdf 25.4 28.0 M6
HFI0040 pdf 40.0 53.0 M6
HFI0050 pdf 50.8 65.0 M6
HFI0075 pdf 75.0 89.0 M6

6 Items


Fixed Component Holders

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