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Condenser Lens 250mmdia x 500mm F.L. Uncoated

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SKU: LSQ500250
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Focal Length (mm) 500
Diameter (mm) 250
Centre Thickness (mm) 38
Form Planoconvex
Toughened Untoughened
Material H-K9L
Coating Uncoated

Condenser lenses are used for concentrating light into a beam. Condenser lenses are typically used in enlargers, projectors and illumination lighting systems. This range of large condenser lenses have been optically polished and of high quality at very reasonable prices.

Our stock range of high quality planoconvex condenser lenses are available direct from this page with focal lengths between 250mm to 500mm and diameters between 114mm and 250mm.

Knight Optical also offer an extensive custom optic service thanks to our many years experience in the industry. We are able to supply bespoke condenser lenses up to 500mm diameter and more, designed to fit individual applications. For more information on our custom lens service, or to enquire about any of our other optical components, contact our technical sales team.

Focal Length (@587nm):
Surface Quality:

BK7 or equivalent
± 0.25mm
± 5%
<60-40 scratch/dig

Mounting options available.
Special AR coatings.
Stock lenses can be edged to smaller diameters.
Stock lenses can be reshaped to square/ rectangular apertures to fit your application.