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HNCP37 Equivalent Circular Polariser 100x100x3.4mmthk Non-glare Left Handed

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SKU: OAC37-100101
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Length (mm) 100
Width (mm) 100
Material HNCP37 equivalent
Thickness (mm) 3.4
Direction Left Handed
Finish Non-glare

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Circular sheet polarizers are comprised of a linear polarizer cemented to a quarter wave plate, therefore polarizing the output light. If light passes through the polarizer and is reflected back from a mirror, the light that now enters the linear polariser component is polarised at right angles to the direction it will be passed and therefore will be absorbed. However the un-polarised light from the reflecting side will pass with a 50% transmission. This reduces the impact of ambient light on data displays, LCD screens or meters. Knight Optical stock replacement HNCP37 material offered in both non-glare and standard clear finish. These are available in left and right handed options.

Typical applications for HNCP37 polarizers include improved viewability for emissive displays and electro luminescent applications. Field emissive displays, cathode ray tubes, light emitting diodes, organic light emitting diodes all benefit from HNCP37 circular polarizers.

HNCP37 equivalent
± 0.5 mm (< 100mm) ± 1mm (100 - 400mm) Nominal (> 400mm)

We stock large sheets of HNCP37 equivalent up to 558x406mm; we can cut these into special shapes and sizes at short notice.
Mounting options available.
Special AR coatings.
Non-glare coatings.
Left and right handed options.
Acrylic or glass laminations.