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Diffraction gratings separate white light into its component wavelengths.

Our commercial ranges are available in four grades of 100, 200, 300 and 600 lines per mm. All four types are available as 65x50mm with an aperture size of 45x30m. 

Knight Optical's commercial range of transmission diffraction gratings and optical components are useful for applications such as simple demonstrations and consist of inexpensive transmission replicas mounted between glass plates and sealed around all four edges.

In addition to our commercial range, Knight Optical also supply precision holographic and ruled gratings, including holographic film sheets. For specifications not covered here, Knight Optical offer an extensive custom optic service thanks to our many years of experience in the industry and we are able to supply high quality, custom diffraction gratings designed to suit our customers specific requirements. For more information on diffraction gratings and our custom optic service, contact our technical sales team.

Diffraction gratings are supplied framed and labelled for easy identification.

Dimensional tolerances: +/-0.25mm

Other wavelengths available at short notice.
Other sizes.
Other transmission types available to order.

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Name Type Lines/mm Length (mm) Width (mm) Clear Aperture (mm) Price Buy
GDH10000 Commercial Diffraction Grating 100 65 50 45x30
GDH60000 Commercial Diffraction Grating 600 65 50 45x30

2 Items


Commercial Diffraction Gratings

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