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Eyepiece Graticule 21mmdia (Concentric circles)

SKU: GEQ2112
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Diameter (mm) 21
Thickness (mm) 1.5
Line Width (µm) 5
Pattern Concentric circles 1-10mm

Our high precision eyepiece graticules, also referred to as reticules, are manufactured by photolithographically printing a pattern onto a thin glass substrate. Eyepiece graticules are typically used in gun sights, scopes and other ranging systems for civilian and military use. Graticules are also used in handheld measurement tools such as loupes and magnifiers. Each pattern is designed to fit the appliction and generally consists of a mix of circles, lines and linear dimensions.

Knight Optical offers a range of unique, stock graticules available to purchase online. Individual patterns can be found in the pdf document below the product. Our graticules are supplied on 1.5mm glass in diameters between 19mm to 21mm.

In addition to our stock range, we also offer an extensive custom graticule service thanks to our many years experience in the industry. Individual graticules can be manufactured in any shape or size with unique, custom patterns on a substrate designed to fit the application.

To date, Knight Optical has supplied graticules printed onto high grade IR material for military applications through to basic, economy graticules for simple measurement devices. Contact our technical sales team for more information on our custom graticule capabilities.

Please see individual product PDFs for details.

Edging to smaller sizes.
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Other types available on request.