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Diffraction Grating Ruled Grade 25x25mm 600 lines 500nm

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SKU: GDQ600500
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Length (mm) 25
Width (mm) 25
Thickness (mm) 9.5
Type Ruled Research Diffraction Grating
Blaze angle (nm) 500
Grooves/mm 600

Ruled diffraction gratings separate polychromatic light (white light) into its component wavelengths and are well suited for high precision applications, having a higher efficiency than other types of grating,

Straight and parallel grooves are ruled into the surface of an aluminium coated substrate at 300 to 1200 lines per millimetre.

Ruled diffraction gratings are used particularly in the NIR and IR range because of the larger spaces between lines, whereas visible and UV applications suffer from stray-light and ghost spectra.

For more information on our stock range of ruled diffraction gratings or to enquire about your custom requirements, please contact our technical sales team.

Data for calculation 
Where G=groove density (lines/mm) and n is the order of diffraction (any integer). Blazed gratings have facets inclined at an angle b to the surface to concentrate light into the first order (n=+1). When the grating is used in the Littrow condition (retroreflection, i=i`) peak efficiency will be near the blaze wavelength shown (= (2/G) sin b)

Other wavelengths available at short notice.
Other sizes.
Other coatings, tansmission types available to order.