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Concave Mirror, 70mmdia

SKU: LCM9318
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Diameter (mm) 70
Centre Thickness (mm) 3
Coating Aluminium+SiO2
Radius (mm) 209.2

These specialised concave lamp reflectors are designed to have the light source, filament or arc, at the centre of curvature so that it is imaged back on itself. For filament lamps it is often adjusted so that the image is just to one side of the filament. The effect is to substantially increase the radiation emitted forwards and at the same time reduce the radiation travelling backwards where it may be a nuisance.

Typical applications for concave lamp reflectors are projector systems and fibre-optic illumination as concave lamp reflectors have more efficient focusing capabilities compared with concave spherical mirrors.

Concave Lamp Reflectors are also available as a custom item.