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630nm Longpass Acrylic Colour Filter 50x50x1mmthk

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SKU: 630FAP5050
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Length (mm) 50
Width (mm) 50
Thickness (mm) 1
Colour Red
Wavelength cut-off (nm) 2200
Wavelength cut-on (nm) 630

Acrylic colour filters are similar to colour glass filters, achieving their colouration by the use of dyes during the manufacturing process. Acrylic filters are cheaper than glass filters, easier to cut to special sizes and shapes but not quite as robust as glass. However, a rather wider range of spectral characteristics is available than with glass.

Two particularly useful types of acrylic colour filters are those which block the visible but pass near IR, and those that pass the visible but block UV light.

Knight Optical supplies a range of acrylic longpass filters available to purchase direct from stock. We also offer a custom service and can cut filters to size specifically for your application. Contact our technical sales team for more information.


<50mm ± 0.5mm
≥50mm ± 1mm
± 0.2mm

Stock 400mm square sheets can be cut to smaller shapes and sizes.
Stock sheets can be CNC machined to unusual shapes
Large 1000x1000mm sheets for cutting into custom sizes.
Coating options from antireflective to anti-scratch.
Mounting options.