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Bar Grating 50x50mm 50 Lines/mm

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SKU: GBQ5050
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Length (mm) 50
Width (mm) 50
Thickness (mm) 1.5
Type Bar Grating
Lines/mm 50
Pattern Grating/ruled over whole aperture

Knight Optical's bar gratings are manufactured by photolithographically layering a chromium pattern of bars over a glass substrate. The printed lines are equally spaced and used to provide sharp contrast and edge definition during Ronchi mirror testing.

Our stock bar gratings are available with ruling between 2 lines/mm to 125 lines/mm and are supplied as 1.5mm thick, 50mm squares patterned over the whole area.

Knight Optical offer an extensive custom optics service thanks to our many years experience in the industry. We are able to offer custom bar gratings to any size or shape with line density designed to fit your testing requirements. For more information on Knight Optical's custom bar gratings and other optical components, contact our technical sales team directly.

Dimensional tolerance (mm):
Line tolerance (mm):
< 20 lines per mm ±0.003mm
> 20 lines per mm ±0.001mm

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