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280nm Longpass Colour Glass Filter 28mmdia Mounted

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SKU: 280FCS2500-MO
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Diameter (mm) 28
Type Longpass
Colour Colourless filters- transmitting visible and some UV
Equivalent material WG280
Mounted/Unmounted Mounted
Wavelength cut-off (nm) 2750
Wavelength cut-on (nm) 280

These colour glass filters are mounted in high quality black anodized rings for easy integration into aesthetic lighting, imaging and cosemetic laser applications. Our extensive filter range includes long pass, short pass and band pass types over a broad range of wavelengths.

Our camera filter mounts are designed to stack with each other enabling several filters to be used together. Two or more filters can be overlapped in order to create unique spectra that would not otherwise be possible with a single filter. Mounts can be custom designed to fit individual applications. Each mount is made from sturdy aluminium and the filter is supplied mounted in place via a fitted locking ring.

For more information on our stock mounted filters, or to enquire about our custom capabilities, please contact our technical sales team.

Surface Quality:
Colour glass
+0/-0.20 mm
± 0.20 mm
± 0.20 mm
<60-40 scratch/dig
<3 arcmin

Wavelength cut-on listed in table is transition cut-on wavelength (T=Tmax/2)
Wavelength cut-off listed in table is transition cut-off wavelength (T=Tmax/2)
Wavelength peak is centre wavelength
Please see "Docs & drgs" for mount specifications.

Custom mounts available. Engineered to your specifications.
Antireflective coatings can be applied to one or both faces for improved transmission.
Available in sets, supplied in a wooden storage box for research and laboratory use.