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New Products

Knight Optical is always looking to expand our stock catalogue to ensure we can provide our customers with quick solutions to their optical needs. Below are the latest optical components we have added to our vast range.

Calomel Infrared Polarisers

calomel crystal infrared polariser Calomel Infrared Polarisers are ideal for MWIR and LWIR applications due to their transmission within the 5-17µm region. Knight Optical currently stock Wollaston and Glan-Foucault type, which exhibit a strong birefringence (Δn=0.683) and an excellent extinction ratio. Custom calomel optics are also available.

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Low GDD Ultrafast Laser Mirrors

low gdd ultrafast laser optics Precision Ultrafast Laser Mirrors coated using ion beam sputtering (IBS). These mirrors exhibit a low GDD, high LDT, and minimal absorption, ideal for demanding laser applications. Designed for Yb:YAG (515nm, 1030nm), Yb:KYW (1030nm), and Yb:KGW (1030nm) laser systems. Specifications include 12.7/25.4/50.8mm diameters, > 99.9% reflection, 0° and 45° AOI, and < 20/10 surface quality.

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Broadband and Wide-Angle Laser Mirrors

broadband laser mirror, wide-angle laser mirror Broadband and Wide-Angle Laser Mirrors available with > 99.9% reflection at their design wavelengths; either 515nm, 1030nm, or 700-900nm. These ultrafast laser mirror exhbit low GDD and have a high LDT due to their precision iob beam sputtered (IBS) coating.

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Fluorescence Filter Sets

Fluorescence filter sets, fluorescence microscopy, excitation filter, emission filter Knight Optical are pleased to introduce our new Fluorescence Filter Sets. Each set is compatible with certain fluorophores, ensuring superior transmission at the excitation and emission wavelengths, whilst providing excellent blocking at the crossover. Each set consists of an excitation and emission filter, available in 25mm diameters, and a dichroic beamsplitter which is 25.7mm x 36mm. These hard coated optical filters are manufactured to be durable with an extra-long life, with dimensions suitable for a wide range of microscopes.

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UV Fused Silica Domes

Knight Optical now stock 50mm and 100mm UV fused silica domes, suitable for the use in UV sterilisation systems and other UV applications due to their impressive transmission range down to below 200nm. UVFS is a durable and chemically stable material, making these domes ideal front optics, which offer a wide field of view with minimal distortion of the lightpath. We can also offer custom dimensions upon request. For more complex domes, such as one with a flange for mounting, we now also offer moulded optical components in two different specialist UV materials.

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UV Interference Bandpass Filters

Knight Optical has a new range of interference bandpass filters with centre wavelengths within the ultraviolet waveband, covering all the common UVC light sources including excimer lamps (222nm), mercury lamps (254nm) and UV LEDs (265nm, 273nm and 280nm). We offer mounted and unmounted options, in 12.5mm, 25mm and 35mm diameters. We also offer custom interference filters to suit your specifications.

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