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Medical Imaging Applications

Medical and biotechnology devices are often some of the most challenging to design and manufacture, and those challenges grow as the technology evolves. But with Knight Optical you can be assured we will always endeavour to keep up to speed and enable you to meet your specification and customer demand changes.

Our aim is to understand your needs working with ISO10110, BS4301-1991 and MIL-PRF-130830B. We also have the capabilities to collaborate with you and projects teams to bring your concept to market free of complications. Each component is extensively tested using skilled QA inspectors and the latest test metrology equipment. Some products and markets we supply to are:

  • Micro lenses and prisms for endoscopes
  • Excitation/Emission Filters for Fluorescence microscopy
  • UV Mirrors
  • UV Fused Silica components for Medical Laser applications optimised for Nd:YAG
  • Light Guides, Ceramic Reflectors and Dichroic Filters with high laser damage threshold coatings (50 J/cm²) for use in IPL
  • Polarisers
  • Cost Effective Plastic Lenses

All of our optical components are stringently tested in our state-of-the-art metrology laboratory to ensure that all specifications are met.

UV Excitation and Emission Filters

UV Excitation and Emission filters are typically used in Fluorescence Imaging. Fluorescence imaging is advancing our medical and scientific knowledge and helping break-through research. Knight Optical help contribute to this fantastic application with our wide range of interference bandpass filters that aid excitation and emission.

Fluorophore is a dye that marks proteins, tissues and cells by absorbing the energy of a specific wavelength region which is within the excitation range and re-emitting that energy to another specific wavelength range, the emission range.

Knight Optical’s high quality and long lasting excitation and emission filters are available in wavelengths from 214nm to 2000nm. With an optical density of OD 4 across the range, it helps produce the best possible images from the faintest of signals from the fluorophore. Our stock range can be viewed here


Micro-optics are typically used in endoscopes, due the limited space and flexibility needed. A micro-optic is usually between a few micrometres and a millimetre in size. This size can prove difficult to manufacture due their size but Knight Optical can provide lenses and prisms to these specifications.

These are a custom item for Knight Optical and it is best to contact our technical sales team to discuss your application further. We can advise on the specifications that are feasible as these are a specialist item. Why not submit your drawings and requirements to our team who can get in touch to discuss your requirements further?



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