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Knight Optical supply precision optical components to customers in the medical industry for applications such as fluorescence illumination, microscopy and imaging. Knight Optical's extensive range of components includes:

Emission and Excitation filters: We can supply pairs of interference bandpass filters to match the required excitation wavelength and the resulting emission wavelength of the fluorophore. Transmission is verified by our suite of Varian Cary 5000 Spectrophotometers and filters are checked by our technically trained team to ensure components meet our high specifications. 
The Spectrophotometers have the ability to scan over 175-3000nm. The data and transmission graphs from our scans can be presented alongside your parts to help produce a seamless integration of our filters into your instruments.
Knight Optical also provides dichroic beamsplitters with high precision bespoke coatings that allow the splitting of wavelengths to match the required excitation and emission filters.
Aspheric Lenses and also be supplied in materials such as UV grade fused silica and N-BK7 or equivalent with high transmitting AR coatings to ensure minimal signal loss.
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Fluorescence Illumination Filters
Medical Imaging Optics
Caesium Iodide optics for spectroscopy instruments
Lithium Fluoride optics for FTIR spectroscopes
Lithium Fluoride optics for Infra-Red scintillator
Sodium Chloride optics for Infra-Red spectroscopes

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