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Autonomous Technologies

With so many processes becoming automated as technology evolves, so Light Detection and Ranging – LiDAR – has become widely adopted as a key player in a range of automation applications across numerous industry sectors.

Knight Optical has been a major global supplier of precision optical components to the autonomous technologies market for many years.

Quality Optical Components for Autonomous Applications

Reliability and accuracy is a core consideration for LiDAR applications, both from a safety and quality perspective, which means dependence on the integrity of the optical components that drive these applications is high.

From stock, or custom designed to meet specific requirements and challenges, all Knight Optical components are supplied with a guarantee of strict compliance to specification, assured through our renowned, state-of-the-art metrology laboratory and our team of renowned specialist metrology technicians. Our accreditation to ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015 UKAS and our MIL-PRF-13830B compliance offer further reassurance.

Some of our most popular products for autonomous technologies include:

Achromatic Doublet Lenses

Constructed from two different glass types, achromatic doublet lenses are one of the most economical ways to correct image distortion. We supply a range of achromatic doublet lenses designed to remove chromatic aberration and generally spherical aberration at the same time. Anti-reflective coatings are recommended for UV, visible and NIR applications and, for specific demands, full customisation and a choice of diameter from 3mm to 200mm+ and focal length from 3mm to 1,000mm+ are all possible.

Elliptical Mirrors

Elliptical mirrors play a vital role in beam steering, directing the light source to its sensor so that an image is produced. Machined from float glass, our stock mirrors have a guaranteed flatness of 1λ over 25mm. For greater precision, we recommend customisation to achieve greater than 1λ over 10mm, such as the application of coatings, expertly selected to suit specific application requirements.

Front Coated Mirrors

Front coated mirrors offer greater surface quality and flatness and higher reflection than second surface coated mirrors. A variety of coatings is available, allowing these mirrors to be optimised for a range of wavelengths in the visible and NIR spectrum. Customisation, including edging to smaller diameters and alternative shapes is offered, making them suitable for an array of applications.

Cover windows

High grit environments are inevitable for most LiDAR applications, making cover windows exceptionally important optical components. In order to maximise protection from impact and scratch damage, our cover windows are designed using the most robust materials available such as sapphire and UV grade fused silica. Anti-reflective coatings improve transmission over LiDAR wavelengths, and hydrophobic coatings help minimise air pollution impact.

Optical filters

Optical filters reduce the effects of unwanted light through a beam whilst allowing wanted light to pass through. A vast range of types and wavelengths are available, with the opportunity to optimise for 1550nm. As with all our components, optical filters can be designed and manufactured to suit any specification.

Optical Components for Autonomous Technologies

Our multilingual sales team and skilled technical experts are on hand to provide in-depth guidance and individually tailored advice. Long term relationships matter to us, and we look forward to hearing from you to discuss your project or ongoing requirements.

Please contact our technical sales team to talk through your needs and to obtain a quotation.

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