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Autonomous Technologies

Autonomous technologies are a rising market as technology develops. The more automated a process is, this reduces time and cost. With autonomous cars using LiDAR to self-drive, vacuum cleaners to sense dirt and vacuum on their own to the more industrial using machine vision systems and laser scanning to automatically sort good product from bad.

Knight Optical have been serving this market for many years and two of our popular products are achromatic doublets and elliptical mirrors. These are available from our stock range of over 3000 optical components and are available in a custom specification that is fully tested in our metrology laboratory.

Achromatic Doublets

Knight Optical provide a wide range of achromatic doublets, from quality, commercial and cylindrical. Our high quality achromatic doublets range in size from 4mm to 110mm in diameter. These are manufactured using a combination of F2 or equivalent and BK7 or equivalent and also SF6 or equivalent and N-LAK22 or equivalent.

Our commercial range is very similar to our quality range however they are produced using less stringent tolerances, and are used for more general purpose applications such as experimental and educational demonstrations.

We are also able to provide cylindrical doublet lenses as a custom solution, with the lenses being made to your exact specification. Our capabilities are:

  • Diameter: 3mm to 200mm+
  • Focal length: 3mm to 1000mm+
  • Centration: < 3 arcseconds
  • Surface figure: < 0.1 fringes
  • Scratch/dig: < 10/5
  • Coating options: May be AR coated for UV/VIS/NIR
  • Material options: Schott glass or equivalent

Elliptical mirrors 

Elliptical mirrors are available from stock or custom. Elliptical mirrors are used for beam steering to steer the light source to its sensor in order to produce an image. The mirror is a circular cross section that is cut up to any given size. Typically used at 45⁰.

Our capabilities are:

  • Length: 5mm to 100mm+
  • Thickness: 1mm to 10mm+
  • Dimensional tolerance: ±0.05mm
  • Flatness:<0.2 fringe
  • Scratch/Dig: <10:5
  • Coating: Ask for more details
  • Material: Float Glass unless specified

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