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Monitoring and measuring systems

ANPR filters

Knight Optical supply custom and stock precision optical components for all the latest measuring and monitoring Systems such as Laser Mapping, Pyranometers, ANPR Systems LiDAR systems.

The products we supply go into instruments which are used in the harshest of environments and sometimes have to contend with minus temperatures in the arctic regions to high temperatures experienced in the world’s deserts.

The optics Knight Optical supply are used in LiDAR systems for monitoring wind speeds and directions on proposed and existing wind farm sites.

They can also be found in systems used for topographical measurement, void and cavity surveys in the mining industry and many other survey equipment products.

Typical optical products are;

  • High precision front surface mirrors, which can be coated to maximise reflectivity for any given wavelength in the visible and IR range.
  • Cover windows made from materials such as toughened borosilicate and sapphire. These tough, hard wearing materials protect all the vital components in a LIDAR system regardless of the outside conditions.
  • Optical filters to block out any unwanted light wavelengths to ensure that the receiver is only collecting the laser light which is of interest.
  • High precision lenses, which can be used to ensure to emitted and received laser light is at the correct focus.

All our optics can have custom AR coatings applied to match any specific wavelength or just a broad range of wavelengths.

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