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Laser applications

Thanks to its multiple benefits, laser has almost completely replaced traditional processes across a host of industry sectors. As a result, Knight Optical has positioned itself at the core of the revolution as a global supplier of precision optical components designed specifically for an array of laser applications.

From laser powered manufacturing production, safety and control systems through to defence, research, medical, industrial, detection, measurement and monitoring and automotive processes, our capabilities in the area of optical component design, production and testing have become world renowned.

Heavy Reliance on Laser equals Heavy Reliance on Optical Components

Critical and everyday processes undertaken around the globe have come to rely heavily on laser technology. It has automated and enabled procedures that would have previously been impossible, hazardous or inefficient. But where there is such reliance on laser applications, there must of course be equal reliance on the components that drive them.

Laser-powered processes are known to be exceptionally challenging, as are the environments in which they are used. Performance, accuracy and robustness are vital selling points of laser instrumentation, and this must also apply to the optical components that power it.

Chemically stable; tolerant of extreme temperatures; scratch and impact resistant; able to stand up to billions of laser pulses… the laser optical component really does have a lot to contend with, which is why it is vital it is expertly designed and precision manufactured to specification.

Guaranteed Quality, Precision Production

Knight Optical has for many years been trusted by the world’s leading laser instrument manufacturers to deliver the very best, most sophisticated optical components.

Whether from stock or custom designed to handle individual challenges, all the optical components we supply are guaranteed to fully comply with specification. This guarantee is made via our state-of-the-art metrology laboratory, fitted out with cutting-edge testing instrumentation, together with our team of leading metrology experts. Our accreditation to ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015 UKAS and our MIL-PRF-13830B compliance further seal our customers’ reassurance.

Optical Components for Laser Applications

Knight Optical supplies a range of custom designed and stock optical components for laser applications employed across a host of industry sectors, including LiDAR, gas, solid-state and semiconductor lasers.

Some of our most popular laser application optical components include:

  • Colour glass filters
  • Interference band pass filters
  • ND filters
  • Wedge prisms
  • Corner cube retro reflecting prisms
  • Right angle prisms
  • Beam splitters
  • Collimation lenses
  • Positive lenses (Planoconvex, meniscus, biconvex, aspheric)
  • Precision and dielectric mirrors
  • Brewster windows

An Individually Tailored Service from a World-Leading Optical Supplier

Whether you are purchasing from our vast range of stock or commissioning a bespoke design, the team here at Knight Optical is fully dedicated to making sure that every one of your needs and objectives are met.

Our customers appreciate our commitment to forging long term relationships and to ensuring the utmost in exceptional customer service at all times.

You are welcome to contact our multilingual sales team and technical experts, all readily available to assist with their in-depth knowledge in optical components for laser applications, so please contact our technical sales team to talk through your project and obtain a quotation.


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