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Equilateral Prisms

Precision prisms for laser manufacturesEquilateral dispersing prisms have a very simple cross section, an equilateral triangle.  Custom equilateral dispersion prisms are commonly used for wavelength separations i.e. creating the rainbow effect.  Depending on the material used, equilateral dispersion prisms can be used over a wide range of wavelengths.  Custom equilateral dispersion prisms can be manufactured using calcium fluoride or UV fused silica for use in the UV down to 175nm or silicon and germanium for thermal imaging use. Silicon is particularly useful at the 3-5µm wavelength and germanium at the 7-14µm wavelength. Other high index materials can be used for the range of custom equilateral dispersion prisms for visible applications.  Antireflective coatings are applied to most of our high index grade of equilateral dispersion prisms as high index material is sceptical to staining and corrosion which anti-reflective coatings eliminate. Custom equilateral dispersion prisms can be coated with a range of single layer or broadband antireflective coatings to help to improve output of the light as they prevent light loss due to surface reflection. The exit beam is in general at an angle to the input beam, this angle depending on the prism material, the wavelength and the incidence angle.

Every custom equilateral dispersion prisms is rigorously inspected in our state-of-the-art metrology lab, using our trioptics prism master which is capable of measuring to tolerances of ±3 arc seconds.

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