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Custom Infrared Filters

Infrared Filters Tailored for Various Applications

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Knight Optical provides an extensive array of custom infrared filters, perfectly suited for wavelengths ranging between 1-100µm. Our IR filters are tailored for various applications, ensuring optimal performance across a wide spectral range.

Custom infrared longpass filters are the ideal solution if you’re looking to block shorter UV-VIS wavelengths while transmitting a broad IR waveband. These IR filters often feature a thin-film coating on infrared filter materials like germanium or silicon, which commence transmission at 1.7µm and 1.2µm respectively, effectively blocking UV-VIS regions.

For applications requiring the blocking of longer IR wavelengths whilst transmitting shorter IR bands, our custom IR shortpass filters are highly beneficial. We use infrared filter materials such as silicon, germanium, or sapphire as substrates for these coatings.

Interference Bandpass Filters

Our IR custom interference bandpass filters, including infrared bandpass filters, are designed to transmit specific wavebands while blocking others. These filters, consisting of numerous thin-film layers of varying thickness and refractive indices, are applied to infrared filter materials like germanium, silicon, sapphire, and IR quartz. By combining long wave pass IR filters and short wave pass IR filters, we can create bandpass filters with adjustable bandwidths. Knight Optical also specialises in mounted bandpass filters for ANPR/ALPR camera applications, with centre wavelengths in the NIR region, custom manufactured to integrate seamlessly into individual systems.

Narrowband Gas Band Filters

Our narrowband gas band filters, a type of infrared bandpass filter, play a crucial role in gas detection and analysis, requiring a narrow FWHM and usually blocking to at least OD3. These infrared filters can isolate specific gases based on peak absorption wavelengths from background signals.

Infrared Neutral Density Filters

Custom infrared neutral density filters (ND filters) are crafted by depositing metallic-based thin films onto an infrared filter material like germanium. Designed to provide linear transmission over specific wavelength ranges, infrared ND filters are graded in increments, offering precise control over light transmission.

Infrared Semiconductor Filters

Custom infrared semiconductor filters, characterised by long wave pass filter properties, use an AR coating on semiconducting substrates. These IR cut filters feature an abrupt cut-on, showcasing the intrinsic edge where photons with sufficient energy are absorbed, while those matching the energy gap are transmitted. Materials like GaAs, Silicon, Germanium, and Indium Arsenide are typical substrates used, each with specific cut-on wavelengths.

Knight Optical is committed to supplying high-quality IR optical filter components, custom-made to your specifications. Our state-of-the-art metrology lab ensures each component meets our rigorous quality standards. With a vast inventory not listed on our website, we encourage inquiries for both standard and unique requirements.

Contact our multilingual technical sales team to discover how Knight Optical’s top-tier IR optical filters, including infrared camera filters, infrared filters for digital cameras, IR pass filters, IR cut filters, and IR only filters, can enhance your instrumentation and improve your supply chain experience.

Infrared Filters Tailored for Various Applications

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Infrared filters are optical components that block visible light and allow infrared (IR) light to pass through. They’re used in a variety of applications, including photography, to capture images based on infrared radiation, enhancing details not visible to the naked eye. These filters are also essential in scientific and security applications, where detecting IR wavelengths is necessary.

    An IR filter specifically blocks visible light while allowing infrared light to pass, whereas a UV IR filter is designed to block both ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) light from reaching the sensor or film. This makes UV IR filters useful for protecting cameras or sensors from unwanted UV and IR light, ensuring images are not affected by these wavelengths.

    The best infrared filter material for photography depends on the specific wavelength of IR light you wish to capture. Materials like germanium, silicon, and sapphire are commonly used for their high IR transmission rates. However, for most photography purposes, specially designed glass or plastic filters that can block visible light while passing specific IR wavelengths are preferred.

    Yes, you can use an infrared filter on a digital camera, but the camera’s sensor must be sensitive to infrared light. Many digital cameras have an IR cut filter built-in to block infrared light, so you might need to modify the camera by removing this filter to achieve true infrared photography. Alternatively, using an external IR filter can help capture infrared effects without modifying the camera, though the results may vary based on the camera’s inherent IR sensitivity.

    An IR bandpass filter is designed to allow a specific range of infrared wavelengths to pass through while blocking both shorter visible light wavelengths and longer IR wavelengths outside the desired band. This is particularly useful in applications requiring the isolation of certain infrared frequencies, such as thermal imaging, remote sensing, and in certain scientific research applications, to ensure accuracy and clarity in the captured images or data.

    IR pass filters allow infrared light to pass through while blocking visible light, making them ideal for infrared photography, thermal imaging, and night vision applications. In contrast, IR cut filters do the opposite; they block infrared light while allowing visible light to pass, which is crucial for achieving natural color reproduction in digital cameras and video equipment. Each type of filter serves distinct purposes, with IR pass filters enhancing the ability to capture or analyze IR light, and IR cut filters ensuring accurate color representation by removing IR interference.

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