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Custom Infrared Lenses

Cylindrical, Planoconvex/Concave, and Meniscus Infared Lenses

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Infrared lenses (IR lenses) play a pivotal role in the diverse fields of defence, aerospace, robotics, and automation. We at Knight Optical, leaders in custom optical solutions, have extensive expertise in delivering our valued clients a precision infrared lens or multiple IR lenses.

We offer a wide range of infrared lens types including cylindrical, planoconvex/concave, and meniscus lenses. To minimise system aberrations, we also provide achromatic and aspheric options, including diamond-turned aspheric lenses. We can also offer IR receiver lenses and IR corrected lenses.

Our portfolio boasts a variety of infrared materials, such as:

  • Germanium IR Lenses
  • Silicon
  • Zinc selenide/Zinc sulphide
  • Sapphire, with transmission capabilities extending from UV to mid-infrared.
  • Fluoride materials like Calcium Fluoride (CaF2), Barium Fluoride (BaF2), and Magnesium Fluoride (MgF2), which offer transmission from UV to IR.
  • AMTIR and other amorphous chalcogenide glasses.

For more in-depth details on Knight Optical’s infrared materials, visit our infrared optics page where each substrate’s capabilities are outlined.

To further optimise your infrared lenses, we offer a range of coatings such as antireflective (AR) and diamond-like carbon (DLC) coatings. These coatings can be tailored to target specific wavelength ranges, including NIR, SWIR, MWIR, and LWIR, making them well-suited for thermal imaging applications.

Both our stock and custom infrared lenses come quality-assured. Get in touch with our technical sales team to discover how Knight Optical’s high-quality IR lenses and impeccable service can elevate your instrumentation and supply chain experience.

Cylindrical, Planoconvex/Concave, and Meniscus Infared Lenses

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Infrared lenses are optical lenses that are designed to transmit and focus infrared wavelengths. Factors such as the material and coating will influence the degree of transmission. Common substrates include germanium, silicon, zinc selenide, and sapphire. IR lenses are key components in applications like thermal imaging systems and infrared spectroscopy.

    An IR Corrected Lens has been designed to provide optimal imaging performance in both the visible and infrared wavelength regions. The optical lens is designed to correct optical aberrations in both of these wavebands to provide improved imaging which can be critical in applications such as multispectral imaging, surveillance (including cameras with day/night functionality), remote sensing, and machine vision. Material is a key factor here with substrates that transmit both in the visible and infrared ranges being selected such as sapphire and calcium fluoride. 

    There are multiple factors that need to be considered when choosing an infrared optic. These include the wavelength range, the material, coatings, the optical design, integration into the system, and many more. The wavelength range will determine what materials are suitable and the operating wavelengths of coating, if applied. The system and application need to be considered when designing the optic. For example, if space and weight are limiting factors, then an infrared aspheric lens may be required. Price is also a key factor – infrared optics can be costly and need to be considered when designing infrared optics for an optical system.

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    Typical Applications

    Infrared Lenses for FLIR Thermal Imaging

    Thermal Imaging

    In the realm of thermal imaging, or thermography, germanium stands out as an ideal material for crafting IR lenses. This is chiefly due to its exceptional transmission capabilities within the MWIR and LWIR thermal wavebands.

    Infrared Lenses for Low Powered CO2 Lasers

    CO2 lasers

    Zinc selenide IR lenses are frequently employed in CO2 laser applications, owing to their broad transmission range. Specifically, these lenses cover both the HeNe laser wavelength (632.8nm) and the CO2 laser wavelength (10.6µm), making them versatile choices for CO2 laser optics.

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