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Knight Optical offers tailor-made solutions for infrared beamsplitters, catering to the IR (1 to 20µm) wavebands. Our custom-made optical beam splitter range is designed to meet diverse application needs.

Our IR beam splitter products, including infrared polarising beam splitters and infrared dichroic beam splitters, are crafted from high-quality materials such as Calcium Fluoride, Zinc Selenide, Germanium, and Gallium Arsenide. These beam splitter components are precisely angled at 45° to optimise incidence angles, ensuring one beam is reflected while the other is transmitted. The design minimises ghost imaging by employing a slight wedge between surfaces, effectively managing the ‘ghost’ image to prevent overlap with the primary reflected beam.

To cater to a variety of beam splitter laser applications, our IR beam splitters ensure nominal 50% transmission/reflection rates across specific micron ranges, such as 2-8µm for CaF2 and 7-14µm for ZnSe. However, Knight Optical’s expertise allows for the production of custom beam splitter ratios to meet your unique requirements.

Custom Made Optical Beamsplitters

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    IR beamsplitters are optical devices that split a beam of infrared light into two parts. They work by using materials that reflect and transmit infrared light at specific ratios. This allows for precise control over how the infrared light is divided, making them essential in applications like infrared cameras, sensors, and laser systems.

    Yes, an IR beam splitter can be used with various infrared lasers. It’s designed to handle the specific wavelengths of infrared light, making it versatile for use in a range of applications, including scientific research, medical imaging, and optical communication systems. Compatibility depends on the specific wavelength and power level of the laser.

    An infrared polarizing beam splitter separates light based on polarization state, dividing the infrared light into two beams with orthogonal polarizations. Meanwhile, an infrared dichroic beam splitter separates light based on wavelength, transmitting some wavelengths while reflecting others. This makes polarizing beam splitters ideal for polarization-sensitive applications, while dichroic beam splitters are used for wavelength separation tasks.

    Choosing the right infrared beam splitter involves considering several factors, such as the wavelength range you’re working with, the splitting ratio needed, and the specific application’s requirements. It’s also important to consider whether you need a polarizing or dichroic beam splitter, based on whether you’re separating light by polarization or wavelength.

    Infrared beam splitters are widely used in a variety of applications, including in thermal imaging cameras for security and surveillance, in spectroscopy for chemical analysis, in fiber optic communications for signal routing, and in medical imaging technologies to enhance diagnostics. Their ability to precisely control infrared light makes them invaluable in both industry and research.

    Beam splitter lasers enhance infrared imaging systems by providing a precise way to divide the laser beam into separate paths, which can be used for parallel processing or multi-point monitoring. This allows for more complex and detailed infrared imaging setups, improving the resolution and versatility of the imaging system. Beam splitters are essential for applications that require high precision, such as in scientific research and advanced imaging technologies.

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