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BREXIT UPDATE: Knight Optical will continue to provide quality assured service for all your optical requirements both custom & stock. We will handle all requirements caused by the new regulations.


Your questions answered

We have been monitoring the additional costs suffered by our EU customers and it generally seems to be a charge of about €20 for additional fees and duty plus Vat on the shipment at the appropriate local rate. Most, if not all, our customers can claim this local Vat back through their normal Vat returns but not the additional €20 in charges. We, therefore, reduce our charges to all EU customers by €20 to cover the additional costs so that none of our EU customers suffer a loss due to Brexit. Obviously, we can only do this if it does not mean we are trading at a loss.

We use a trusted agent, UPS, to supply all our additional documentation and utilize their experience worldwide to ensure we minimize any delays that may be caused by a lack of the correct documentation.

Not a great deal but please ensure you have given us your EORI number as forwarders can refuse to take shipments without one. It needs to be quoted on all documentation or there will inevitably be delays.

Inevitably there have been delays in exports of our goods which have been beyond our control. However, we endeavor to do whatever we can to minimize this delay, and hopefully, things are beginning to improve now that everyone is getting used to the new systems and controls.

For any small orders of our standard stock parts, we encourage you to use our website to place an order and make payment.
This is a much easier procedure and processing these types of orders internally essential resources.
For this reason we have a minimum order value of $300/£250/€250 that we use for accepting POs.

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